The Most Wonderful Time

I couldn’t sleep until 5 AM last night.

That’s the perfect excuse to roll out of bed just before noon, stumble to the kitchen, and plop down with a magazine and a sweet spinach muffin.

I mean, that’s the logical thing to do, right?

(My apologies for the horrible photography; I’m getting a real camera for Christmas!)

I made The Chic Life’s Sweet Spinach Muffins the other day, and even though spinach is one of my favorite foods and I love anything with it, these muffins are DELICIOUS. So sweet. So hearty. So worthy of breakfast, which is my favorite meal of the day, so they’re pretty good.

The other pro to waking up around noon? I had to bake for my friend’s party that night. Time constraints, right?

Pumpkin molasses cookies for the win! They were devoured at the party, and I hardly had time to interject, “They’re vegan!”

Other party shenanigans:

(I was figuring out how to play “Christmas Tree” by Lady Gaga)

(I accidentally made a dradel-esque “snowflake,” so I decided to run with it and make a star and crescent to rep Islam as well as Judaism. Can you tell I’m a religion major?)

What college party is complete without festive jello shots?

Or alcohol-infused whipped cream?

As my face shows, it is both tasty, silly, and strong.

I really hope they sell this in Colorado. Otherwise, I’ll just make my own, because it’s way too much fun!

Wendy takes a cookie. Sweeney will discover their deliciousness later.

When it comes to college parties, there are some questions that might never be answered.

  • When will grinding give way to another dance style?
  • How did I happen to come across the one thorny stick in the leaf pile I just walked through?
  • Should I dress like a skank when I know it’s freezing outside?
  • Why does my best friend’s table have a random smattering of Advil, earring backs, and cookies?

Foods, friends, and frolicking fucked-up-ly for fun.

It’s the most wonderful time.




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