Instinct Rewarded

One of the best things about living in small-town Connecticut is its abundance of forests.

Even when the trees have nothing left to lose, and the sunlight seems stifled by the sharp, cold air, the forest still retains its magnificent aura.

Sure, ponds are nice. But today, instead of making new discoveries, I was determined to retrace my steps to find a point in the past.

I remembered going through this forest with a high school boyfriend, and crossing over a little bank.

As if that weren’t enough, I also remembered that there was an old beer bottle lying beside it. I was going to pick up then, 3 years ago, but we didn’t come back that same way. Lost? Oh, never 😉

(Still some suspicious objects in there, though…)

For a second minute, I thought I had found it.

But I trusted my instinct, which remembered that I didn’t have to scale an odd stick to get across this.

Instinct rewarded:

And no beer bottle!

Time does change a place, but at least the memories remain.






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