If stomachs could have Facebook statuses, I think I know what mine would say:

“Erica’s stomach is dazed and confused.”

It’s been a rough couple of days. On Thursday, I ran a few intervals on the treadmill after dancing my butt off at BodyJam; when I stopped, I fled to a secluded corner to sit down, hang my head between my knees, and ride out the storm that had just started to rage in my stomach and head. I got home okay, but not until I had undergone an hour of being the sickest I think I’ve ever been.

Even worse than gastritis in the Middle East. Ya ba yei...

The worst was over quickly, but I’m still feeling a little wonky. What caused it? Well, it may have been the detail that I used cow’s milk for a bowl of cereal the night before; no one in my family is lactose intolerant, but we all agree that soy milk is easier on our digestion, so the cow’s milk is only around for tea. But there was only a little bit of soy milk left, and I knew my sister would need it in the morning. So I took the chance and used cow’s milk.

Cereal is my favorite food, mmk? My milk preferences weren’t going to stop me from enjoying a bowl of Kashi.

But even though my first word was “milk” and I drank copious amounts of it growing up, I suspect that my body might not be used to it anymore; for the past year or so, I’ve maybe flirted with it at best. My mom’s side of the family also has horrible digestive history; I think it’s all coming full circle this year.

We’ll find out next week at the gastro-whatever specialist. To be continued!

Here’s a glimpse of what I have been able to chow down:

Banana Breakfast Split!

(I had the page bookmarked from this lady)

Going with the theme of “foods that my digestion will appreciate,” I added 1/3 cup cooked rolled oats (with cinnamon) to half a split banana, topped with plain greek yogurt and fiber one cereal. Garnished with a bit of delicious apple.

I also got the urge to experiment with raw desserts during this time.

Averie’s Raw Chocolate?! So incredibly easy! And it tasted so dark and pure.

I might have gotten a little carried away with my finger-scooping once it was in the tupperware.Froze that along with some Raw Peppermint Donut Holes.

I didn’t love these, but my blender is also terrible, so I’m blaming that. Once I’m back at school with my Magic Bullet, I’ll give these another whirl.

The next day, I tried to go to dance class again and balked. Not up for it. But I did come back home and embark on a 2+ hour hike with my dog in the woods trails. Not only was it amazing, but I had an appetite soon enough!

Whole wheat tortilla with mixed greens, avocado, toasted almonds, and tuna salad (I made it the other day with tuna, greek yogurt, celery, lemon juice, and spices).

Non-food comfort:

Roadside Manor show at Toad’s Place!

The band is (are?) my longtime friends, and they are gaining a lot of repute in Connecticut. Toad’s is a major venue, and they put on a great show. It was a fun night dancing with friends and listening to incredible music. Especially the electric banjo (front and center, with Henry); it will always have my heart.

I have bluegrass music both in Connecticut and Colorado, so it’s the ultimate comfort.

Play me a bit of “Wagon Wheel” and I’m yours.

Get ready for a great Monday!

Questions: What song makes you melt? What comforts you most when you’re sick?



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