The Horror!

Ask anyone: I am very inexperienced when it comes to movies.

There are so many films I know I need to see, but just haven’t gotten around to. This embarassing list includes: the Star Wars trilogy, Fight Club, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Lawrence of Arabia…and many more that I’m not even aware of.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that I had never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

One of my best friends is a theatre major at the University of Rhode Island, and they did a live show of Rocky Horror this December. Even though she was manning the lightboard, not performing on stage for this one, I’m NEVER home when she’s at school, so I was psyched to see ANY show of hers!

My research (through Youtube) tells me that I’m lucky to have seen the live show first, because I LOVED the costumes in the URI production and not so much in the movie scenes! The music was ok, but what I really loved about Rocky Horror is the outofcontrolsexy vibe. It’s crazy! It’s insanely provocative! And it’s amazing.

I prefer ripped fishnets and corsets to glittery tuxedos any day. This is URI’s cast:

I love how Rhode Island is less than an hour from my house in Connecticut, but hate that New England has been cursed with such crappy weather the last few days (month??). Rather than return to the battle with the rain on I-95, one of my other besties and I decided to get some Indian for dinner.

Per usual, I couldn’t get a good picture with the lighting.

But I had a sweet (ahem, SPICY) reunion with curry that definitely helped to clear out my sinuses. I got the madras curry with shrimp (they were blackened– exactly how I loooove them) which I mixed with rice. I was also handed some fried potato balls, but can’t remember the name. I think the name starts with K. Anyone? I also enjoyed a coconut lassi! I’ve had the mango variety before; it’s an Indian drink with a yogurt base, mixed with spices. Not too heavy or sweet, and incredibly delicious. There was even curry to take home! My stomach (and my wallet) were very happy.

Wendy had the mango curry with chicken, which turned out to be green. Was it spinach in there? We forgot to sample each other’s because we were too busy talking. We could have gone on forever, but she had exams the next day and we both had a long drive home.  Not horrible; she’ll be home this weekend anyway.

And then I arrived home to find my sister with her new (first!) boyfriend, who is polite, athletic, and witty. Now that’s the opposite of horror!

So cheers to new discoveries! I leave you with a glass of Emergen-C, and it’s half full.

(Though I have no use for most of its organizational/homecare tips yet, I love Real Simple, if only for the inspirational covers!)


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