Pour Some Sugar On Me

I lied. That is not sugar.

But it was the song that came on the radio as I was pulling out of the gym this morning, and it made me happy.

Especially the line “Do you take sugar? one lump or two?” because even hair metal can’t make that sound anything but odd.

However, the dusting on my car this morning did look like sugar:

Gym time this morning was spent on the Weights 3 set. This is my least favorite day of the rugby training plan.

Well, except for the 10k run on a treadmill…but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Just like how I came home and crossed this bruised apple….

with some oat bran and hemp protein powder.

This Hemp Pro 50 protein powder puzzles me. It promises a “nutty, sweet flavour,” but I can’t taste anything. Just like the Vanilla Hemp Powder.

A little bit of a  uh, what is that? taste at first, but from then on, nothing.

Sorry, Manitoba Harvest! I’ll show my love for Canada by watching extra hockey games this season.

I showed my love for the visitors in my driveway by parking at the bottom of it:

So I’m off to have a nice little adventure trekking down it to get to my car and off to work!


Have a fabulous Friday!!

Question: Can you tolerate bruised fruit, or does that ruin it for you? I personally love a few spots on my bananas.


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