Sunday, Bloody Sunday

I had a murder on my hands.

What? It was a pomegranate. No big deal.

I’d never even bought a pomegranate before, but 2 of these were on the reduced produce shelf. And if I’m just eating the seeds, what does it matter? I split the pom into quarters, soaked them in water, and coaxed out the seeds.I had some in my plain greek yogurt along with one of my sister’s banana muffins.

Pomegranates? Personally, I don’t see why Persephone was so tempted. Maybe I need to use them in baking?

I also butchered some vegetables for a stir fry that night.

1/2 an onion, leftover pea & kale rice mix, tofu, soy sauceYumzies!

Then it was off to New Haven for the night to see my mom’s orchestra concert.

The sis and I walked around and had fun in Urban Outfitters while she was warming up:

Sis was also modeling my scarf that night.

Thank goodness it’s not so cold that I need quite such an intense hat!

Side Note: We stopped at Au Bon Pain for a sandwich: holy calorie counts! YIKES!

It was a lovely night for the orchestra. My mom’s the principal flutist!

A perfect way to relax and contemplate the busy week ahead.

Question: What’s your favorite way to use pomegranates?

(And can you ever spell pomegranite pomegranete pomegrante the right way first?



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