Snow Day

Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the home
Not a woman could leave, definitely not to Rome

There’s a reason why I’m not an English major. But there is a heap of snow!

Rewind to Christmas Day:

3 women, 3 colorful cereal bowls

Alongside the nice china, of course.


Me modeling new heels, sister modeling new headband

Said heels.

Hey Dad!

What a treat to eat summer fruits!

Alongside my vegan pumpkin french toast casserole!!

And some Godiva chocolate liquer for festivity.



The rest of the day was filled with lounging, snacking, and gift exploring.

I liked the cheddar popcorn in this tin way more than the caramel. WHO AM I?!

With the occasional handstand from the sister.

I was occupied with my gift: a Canon Rebel EOS XS!!!

This is too much fun.

I don’t have a real dinner to show for Christmas Day, so here’s what I had the night before!

Rainbow chard greens, 2 organic carrots, chickpeas, avocado, goat cheese

(I needed the fuel; I only had drinks at the party we attended, and then we went to church for a 2 hour service!)

Another thing I’ve been occupied with:

My grandparents gave it to us, but I haven’t exactly been “fawning” over it. (har har har)


Too much. Too much. Eek eek eek.

The snow can keep coming, however.

Question: What do you do when you’re snowed in? We’ve exhausted our supply of Glee and 30 Rock episodes and have already watched Knocked Up twice, but I think we’ll manage.


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