Typical Townie

Because our guests were still sleeping early this morning, I snuck out to do rugby weights #2.

1/4 banana, side of guilt.

What? I had to.

I made it back to town to do some main-street snooping…

Essex, CT: The best small town in America.

What? Look it up. No, seriously.

The coffee shop was out of soy milk (story of my life…) so I got a cup of Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee with a tiny bit of 2% milk. My last attempt to drink a latte with lactose didn’t work out perfectly.

(Aaaand this is why I never paint my nails.)

Our guests wanted to do what any other Connecticut shoreline tourists would want to do…

…shop at one of the two outlet centers that grace our 20-minute radius.

I’m not complaining! Mom bought me two stylish, work-appropriate, figure-hugging dresses at Banana Republic.

Ironically, I then had to flee to the other outlet mall to work!

The fuel for this day was not ideal:

I found a sketchy but HUGE apple sitting on the floor of my car.

Next to a pencil, too. That’s suspiciously coordinated.

And I munched on almonds through the morning, with some snuck at work, too.

Work today (it’s a baby and kids store) was like World Languages day!! I heard conversations in French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. Naam, el-Arabi!

I definitely freaked out the two Arabic-speaking families by trying to converse with them…but I was ecstatic to use my limited vocabulary:)

Or should I say,  فرحانه (farhaanah: happy)!!

I found myself back on this same street (look to the inn on the left) for dinner:

The Griswold Inn, established in 1776.

We all just had to laugh when we saw the menu!

The Gris is an old, traditional, very reputable inn, but my mother, myself, and our guests are all vegetarian.

And the menu: meat, meat, meat, meat, and more meat.

Granted, it was fare like quail, venision, and moose, and I would feel better eating those than other animals…

but we all decided to go with with the salad of beets and sides:red & yellow beets, pistachios, goat cheese

I’m so glad I was never exposed to beets as a kid, because I know I would’ve been scarred for life. We’re friends now 🙂

bread rolls for the table. whatever happened to variety?My side of winter squash pureé

It wouldn’t be the Griswold Inn without its colonial-era-dressed waiters and carolers. We weren’t impressed with either, but when you’ve got good company at your table, who cares?

I’m continuing getting my small-town on again tomorrow, at my sister’s gymnastics meet!

Question: What’s your city/town/area’s claim to fame? My hometown was attacked by the British and boasts a fine array of sailboats. Did you notice the nautical-trimmed plate?


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