Has anyone ever watched Stick It?

It’s produced by the same writer who did Bring It On, which should give you an idea of its quality.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the only gymnastics movies out there, so my sister owns it.

Among its many snarky one-liners, we like to recite the one that goes, “It’s not called gymnicestics!

Nasty as it may be on your body, it’s nice just to gaze in awe of that kind of grace.

That flexibility.

Those thighs.

That fearlessness.

And those little imperfections that remind me my sister is, indeed, human.

That balance is a pretty awesome thing to watch.

But life isn’t a spectator sport, so within a few hours we were onto the next order of business!

I brought my breakfast to the gym:

1/3 cup rolled oats, pomegranate arils, almonds, instant coffee powder

I wish this coffee had worked, but I’m almost certain the box is circa 1990. Anywho, the flavor was perky!

Lunch was had at home:

Rainbow chard, sauteed with chickpeas and spiced with garam masala. Topped with leftover winter squash puree!

And then we went to the mall.

After a few hours, we were all, might I say,

I turned to a grande pumpkin spice latte with soy milk for salvation:

With a handful of almonds in the car ride back, I was content again and ready to attend the Zumba launch at my gym!

Verdict? I loved it. I like it more than BodyJam classes, because I prefer latin music and hip shaking than jazz with footwork. I’m sad that I’ll only be able to take advantage of it for a few days before I leave for Colorado!

Good thing my friends don’t shun me when I show up to their house a sweaty mess:I just don’t get a Snuggy.

And then my sister bakes molasses muffins.

Are you sure it’s not called gymnicestics?




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