Half of the title of this blog refers to a feeling that I am consumed by quite often.

That, my friends, is the state of gratitude.

Today, I am grateful that…

  • Laura (roomie) and I survived our roadtrip from Connecticut to Colorado, despite the ridiculous amounts of snow we encountered in every state
  • I survived my solo drive from my uncle’s house to school in a blizzard with no windshield wiper fluid left (I’d like to thank my 20/20 vision for keeping me from crashing)
  • My apartment (and room!) is huge and we threw a packed 21st birthday party within hours of arrival
  • My 9 roomates (3 of them are not quite registered) rock.
  • We’re all good cooks, and though not all vegetarian, do like tofu.
  • I get to teach hang out in middle school for class. Yes, a class with a grade!

I’m in a state of bliss, being back at school. Here’s what it took to get us (and Laura’s car) there:

Morning #2 after stopping in South Bend, Indiana. After narrowly escaping an east coast blizzard, driving through the beginnings of a westerly storm, having a delightful Indian feast (I got the baigan bhartha) in Toledo, and driving a few hours more, we stopped and woke up to a huge dump of snow. Thank goodness for snow tires!

Morning #3 after stopping in Lexington, Nebraska. Less snow to start, but we hit another storm getting out of the state! We dined at a Cracker Barrel (both of us first timers) the night before. All I can say is that a pound of butter makes a delicious biscuit, and I don’t think I’ll ever be eating grilled catfish again.The roads were as sketchy as ever, but somehow we made it to my car’s resting place in Denver, Colorado!

Before fetching Sue (I call her Sue the Subaru, hehe) Laura and I had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called City O City.

We spent most of the meal looking around at all the Denver-ites and glossing about how wonderful it was to be back in Colorado. It’s absolutely amazing how different the vibe is. I rolled with the buffalo seitan wrap and convinced Laura to try the tempeh bacon BLT, along with vegan cauliflower soups for the both of us. She was not sorry.

I would have loved to bask in the company of fellow veg heads, heart-warmingly caring servers, earthy decor, and soy protein delicacies longer, but the storm was brewing up again, so we went to get my car.

Somehow I made it farther west to pick up my life stored possessions at my Uncle’s, stayed too long for tea, and found myself in a blizzard again.

(Yes, my rugby nickname was Bloodhound during my first year. As my team grew to know me better, they renamed me Tiger Lily!)

After 3 hours through extremely dangerous highway conditions, I arrived home on campus, to my spiffy 6 person apartment (currently housing 9). Laura and I spewed our luggage onto the floor of our huge room….Once this gets organized, the next step is to start photographing my food again…

My belly is full of Laura’s crepes, and I’m resolving to go to the gym early tomorrow instead of tonight. I hope y’all aren’t as exhausted as me; have wonderful, gracious nights!!




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