You’re Looking Lovely Today

Yes, Pikes Peak, but you always look lovely. That compliment was for the readers…and me.

Who’s glad it’s Saturday? Personally, I slept until 10, then went on a sunny run and did yoga in the grass. I’m so grateful that Colorado Springs didn’t get a huge dump of snow, like the rest of the country! Having 300 days of sunshine a year makes for tolerable winters.

While I’ve enjoyed taking my breakfasts to go this week:

overnight oats! 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/3 milk, apple

last bit of yogurt, banana, apple-bluberry granolaI love that there’s no shame in bringing your breakfast to class, especially in the original container of one of its components.

It’s sustainable and portable! Teehee!

I’ve also been mooching off my friends with a real meal plan to get into the dining hall for long, drawn out reunions in the form of meals, often nearing 2 hours in length and resulting in reprimands from the staff.

It’s not my fault that I love my friends, need vegetables, and am super thrilled with the increase of tofu dishes!

salad, bbq tofu, and barley salad. along with some tasty agua fresca!

Even the geese are looking lovely. Since when did they become domesticated around my campus?!

Like any other college campus, we’ve always had our share of crazy squirrels, but this is a first.

I should not be this close to you, goose.

I’ve also been having fun in class middle school, especially when things get slow in last period and I pull out my camera…

Those are some of the cool kids. They love me.

Yesterday, an 8th grade girl informed me that all the 8th grade boys have been admiring my butt.

Silly boys. If they think my butt is big, they obviously haven’t seen much of the world 😉

But even without those undeserved naive compliments, everything is looking so lovely.

All the time.

Happy Saturday!

What’s the snow like where you are?


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