I’m a big girl.

But sometimes, when members of the opposite sex rattle my routine, I get a little...foolish.

Anyone else? Take my yesterday.

When having lunch with a guy friend I hadn’t seen in a few months, I couldn’t even finish all of my dolmas and baba ghanoush with pita. They were my favorite foods in Jordan, but we had way too much conversation for me to eat everything.

When about to do weights in the gym, I ran into a guy friend who started a conversation about our study abroad experiences. After we were done, I forgot that I hadn’t stretched and ended up doing some power cleans that were waaaay too heavy for my unprepared muscles.

And then I left my camera lying around the apartment.















Too bad they don’t really know how to use it!

At least they don’t prevent girls-only dinners:

Sweet potatoes with goat cheese, almonds, and balsamic broccoli, by Erica and Laura.

More girly creations:

Tofu, goat cheese, spinach, and chipotle sauce tortilla

Tofu and spinach…this time with nutritional yeast!

And of course, the to-go breakfasts:

Apple-honey greek yogurt

Boys are great, but I love being a girl. That’s not foolish at all 🙂

What are your guy friends like? Do they have any embarrassing habits? The ones I’m living with burp a lot, but they also make their own hot sauce, so I don’t blame them.


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