The Calm Before the Storm

Do you see a storm brewing over these mountains?

Nope, neither do I. There is, however, a beer bottle in the middle of that field. If you noticed.

My actual semester starts tomorrow, and I’m happy to say that I am very much at peace.

Unlike this yard, my last 2 weeks on campus have been, in a word, serene. They’ve been filled with good food, great friends, and gorgeous (yes, gorgeous) exercising. My apartment just welcomed our 8th (!) roommate back from his home in Australia; he was so exhausted, he slept through the fire drill last night! We’re still recounting skiing shenanigans. This morning, we went on a Target run with belly button rings as the most crucial items on the list.

If that’s not a forecast for a great semester, I don’t know what is.

Fresh with this morning’s plunder, I am currently lounging under my new down blanket:

Mmmmm. Warmth.

Admiring the new features of my room:

We are such girls.

Another roommate’s tapestry from Kenya.

Danish flags! Because my roomie went to Denmark last semester, and because I happen to be 1/4 Danish!Oh yes. More accessories.

But what are material things compared to this sense of serenity?

Food helps too. Here’s my lunch of 2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms, onions, nutritional yeast, and balsamic vinegar.

Apple snack on the way to a meeting, side of paper.

Whatever storm you’re seeing on the horizon, I hope you can find some calm to get you through it.

Have a wonderful Sunday night (and manic Monday), everyone!

Question: What do you buy when you go to Target? I only bought one thing from the $1 bin this time; it was a mini strawberry plant, it was too adorable to pass up!



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