Shake & Go

What up, bloggies! Happy Friday! Gosh knows I need it.

Guess what went down this morning? I…

  • did a super quick rugby weights sesh
  • fought with two separate ATMs
  • went downtown with friends to put the huuuge rent deposit on our HOUSE for next year
  • went to class and took a midterm!!

Then I came, home, took a shower, and plunged into a 2 hour nap. I wish it could be 3 hours (it is Friday, after all), but I’ve got ballet and then rugby to attend!! What a crazyhectic 24 hours!

Not the most photogenic breakfast, but it worked! I bought a sample packet of a Vega Shake & Go Smoothie a while ago, so I busted it out for this morning’s busyness. I bought the Choc a Lot flavor (because how could that be a bad choice?), added the powder into my water bottle, shook it up, and I was set! It wasn’t bad; I like my breakfasts to have volume, but with this I could walk, talk, and count absurd amounts of cash while I drank it. I ate the banana in the car ride back to campus. Perfect for when you have your hands full! Ā  (Matt has a great review of them the smoothies here)

It was about noon when I got out of the shower, and I was quite hungry, but I knew I wanted sleep more. I ate an apple, dozed off, and now I’m slurping down a green monster (surprise! haha) for nutrition and easy digestion before ballet:

spinach, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 banana, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, coconut milk, cinnamon

Hit the spot.

I’m so excited to be back to fridays that include both ballet and rugby! Similarly, I’m going to a fashion show and a hockey game tonight. Woohoo! Have a fantastic afternoon and evening!

Question: Do you have any interests (or food choices!)Ā  that seem completely opposite? I love it when my ballet slippers share room in my backpack with cleats šŸ™‚


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