Funday Friday!

Yes, these cookies were part of my breakfast.

So was this banana.

Plus a few unpictured pancakes! Apparently last night’s rugby practice left me more tired than I thought, because I slept straight through my 6:40 am gym alarm this morning. But I knew it was for the best; I’ve got ballet and rugby practice this afternoon, and then a big party at my place all night! No room for a nap; I probably needed that extra sleep. Plus, Friday has become somewhat of a pancake breakfast tradition, so I got in those! Plus, those cookies were oatmeal chocolate chip, my favorite!

Continuing the theme of “Fun Day Friday” I had lunch in the dining hall so I could see the other rugby players.

Spinach with a smattering of cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, quinoa, tomatoes, mushrooms, and a polenta cake

+ the dining hall’s amazing agua fresca. today it was pineapple-blueberry!

I prefer being on a commuter meal plan this year because I can a) buy exactly what I want and b) eat whenever I want, but it’s nice to have such great campus food to come back to once and while. It’s even better when you can sit in the dining hall for a ridiculously long lunch (we were there for almost 2 hours!) just talking about life.

Plus, I’m a pro at smuggling fruit out. They were on to me today, but…

Balance is restored πŸ™‚

I’m off to afternoon activities and getting ready for a crazy night! Everyone have a fantastic Friday!

Question: Do you go crazy with excitement on Fridays, or is it just another day of the week? I get a little ecstatic and start smiling at everything πŸ™‚


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