Vegas: The Spectacle

First things first. If you can appreciate anything about Las Vegas, it’s the pure spectacle of it all.

Everything is so over the top, it’s impossible not to admire it.

Our shuttle from the airport.

The bar/nightclub across from our hotel.

The casino inside our hotel (notice the chandeliers!).

“Do we have a view of the pool?!”

“Oh, no. The parking lot is just strangely lit like a pool.”

Oh look! The Winged Victory of Samothrace!

I’m proud to say that I led the “Let’s walk up the stairs” trend.


Even the come-get-your-money station is glitzy.

I don’t even like Coke, but neon signs make everything more appealing!

Apparently the gift shop is in a canyon.

“Gold lion’s gonna show me where the light is…”

Name that song? Anyone?

Sup, Atlas?

We got free shots, but there were no dancing bartenders in there yet. Sad.

Spiritual Dining? Religious Nightlife? Well, that’s one way for a nightclub to advertise…


I sent this picture to my mom (who plays flute) saying “I found you a new day job.”

Some hotels went really crazy with the Chinese New Year decorations.

While others featured crazyawesome artists, like Dale Chihuly!

I saw a Dale Chihuly installation when I was in elementary school, and have never forgotten it. It was awesome to see his beautiful work again!

Oh, and the glittery horse was nice to look at as well.

Typical tourist shot!

And of course, the fountains...

Stay tuned for more!


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