Vegas: Daylight Activities

It’s undeniable why Vegas appeals to recently-turned-21-year-olds.

You can drink all day. In public. Out of ridiculous containers. With no shame!

I have a confession: I don’t like the taste of alcohol. At all. So the open champagne bars and sugardaddy’d bottle service were ok, but what I really enjoyed was walking around in the sunshine with a sweet-like-candy cocktail.

I first sipped on a Fru Fru, which is probably the girliest name you could give to a drink. I think it had 4 different types of liquer in it, including banana, so of course it was right up my alley!

However, girls cannot live on liquor alone, so we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe for real food.

Like true college kids, we decided to forgo real meals and just share appetizers. 4, in fact!

Bruschetta (I dominated this), Nachos

Lettuce wraps, buffalo wings

We then raided the M&M store’s candy dispensers for a little dessert 😉

We also swung by the Coca Cola store, where we could have gotten “soda flights,” like this couple.

Following our totally responsible pattern of eating, we had chinese food & Chipotle for breakfast!

I had mixed veggies, veggie spring rolls, cream cheese ragoons, & honey-walnut shrimp (I couldn’t resist!)

Another tall drink was in order:

This time, a pina colada. Almost too strong for me! I am such a weakling.

Other daylight sights:

Vegas is probably not the best place to observe my zodiac-ordained qualities.

We got nail designs for free!


Pretty rocks.

At times, we found ourselves so exhausted that we just picked a sofa and sat. For a long time.

I ended up buying a pair of stripper boots. They were on sale, don’t judge me!

(does anyone else make up an alter ego when they go out? I chose to become Chloe, an interior designer from Pennsylvania)

We also tried to help out drunks on the street (unsuccessfully)And we held snakes when the guy on the street told us, “If you’re hot, it’s free!” Sweet deal.

We spent a lot of time laughing at boys’ exposed buttcracks, suprisingly frequent in Vegas.

Our last stop was a patisserie with the world’s longest chocolate fountain. No joke!

We became entranced watching the videos there on the making of cakes. Bien sur, we had to try a croissant. It was flakey and scrumptious.

After a bit more drooling over the how-to videos of chocolate flowers and such…

It was time to catch our plane home.

Wandering around and drinking during the daytime was interesting, but the real fun we had was at night, when we hit up the clubs! Pictures from those escapades will be appearing later, as they’re not on my camera. The DSLR doesn’t fare well in clubs 🙂

How do you like to spend your vacations? Do you like to stay out late or get an early start in the morning?

Normalcy in food will resume later today 🙂


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