Around the World

My wallet may hate me, but my foreign food fetish has certainly been fulfilled this weekend!

There was Afghan food on Friday:

The Vegetarian Special:

Banana Squash (!), Eggplant, Spinach, Okra, & Rice


(I bit into something that I thought was a hunk of candied ginger…wrong.)

Rice pudding, on the house!

There was Korean food on Saturday:

Squid (love!) , zucchini, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, fruit salad…

OCTOPUS with veggies (I know!!)

A shot of sojo

The birthday boy had t00 many of these…

…and I judged/lovingly teased him for it.)

There was Tunisian food on Sunday:

Hummous, khobz (bread), couscous tomato soup

Top it off with homemade tortilla chips & guacamole…

Around the world in 80 hours. Love it!

What’s the most interesting thing you ate this weekend? Banana squash was the tastiest for me, but you can’t beat octopus for oddity.


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