It’s a word that, in my opinion, is underused in the English language.

It’s as if by using a more passive word, like “sure,” we’re letting ourselves off the hook in whatever we’re agreeing to.

“Sure, I’ll throw a birthday party at my place.” How lame is that?! When you have my approval, I want you to know it, and you will!

So, absolutely, I will host a 21st birthday party at my place this time around.

Absolutely, I will clean up all the beer cans and odd table arrangements scattered around my apartment.

Absolutely, I will look for your hat… 1) on my floor 2) on the field where we lit sparklers at midnight.

Absolutely, I will never eat sausage & pepperoni pizza in sketchy bar again, no matter how starving I am and no matter how much money nice older men contribute to our bar tab.

(Absolutely nothing has made my stomach feel good today; and I didn’t even drink last night!)

I absolutely love birthdays, and my wonderful friends who have them.

But I absolutely need a detox (again).

I’m absolutely hoping that next Sunday I will not, for once, have another 21st birthday party to attend.

I am absolutely hoping to feast on yogurt tomorrow morning.

I absolutely will forgive my roommate for devouring my leftover squid & octopus (though not without difficulty).

And I absolutely cannot wait for winter to be over.

Fill in the blank: I absolutely_________.

Make it weird! Teehee. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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