J’ai une confession.

Exhibit A:

Yes, that is duck.

Yes, I consider myself (mostly) vegetarian. So let me explain.

During my sophomore year of high school, my French teacher took our class out to lunch at the local French restaurant for a taste (littéralement) of culture. I was still at the stage in my life where steak au poivre was my go-to order at a schmancy dining establishment. That day, I had the duck, which was hands-down the best piece of meat I have ever tasted. It was salty. It was sinewy.

And apparently, it was irreplaceable.

So even with the norm of vegetarianism, I’m still tempted to find that kind of duck once again. And when my roommate’s Dad offered to treat 3 young college girls to a swanky dinner, at a restaurant with absolutely no limited vegetarian entrees, I conceded, “Pourqoui pas?”

So, oui. Le canard.

Sadly, it was not what I was looking for. C’est la vie.

In all honesty, I was pretty full already from appetizers!

Brie & blackberry chutney with flatbread


And then, there was dessert…

Tres Leches Cake (my choice. not as good as I’d hoped!)

Bananas Foster (I polished this off for my friend. Hehe.)

Blackberry Creme Brulee

Bread Pudding (this didn’t stand a chance. I devoured the leftovers as soon as I got home!)

It was a lovely dinner, and I like to think that my roommate’s Dad was happy about treating us solely because I mentioned my pending job as a riflery counselor at camp this summer. Apparently, gun skills  make for passionate conversation.

4 days later…

Cristin, I attempted to make some collard wraps out of the leftover duck and potatoes. I tried, I really did!

But alas, leftover meat just doesn’t fly with me. (Hah! Fly! That’s terrible…) I couldn’t even finish a quarter of these. Ah well. Back to my veggies 🙂

Do you make “exceptions” on your food choices while dining out? How soon do you eat your leftovers, if any?



7 responses to “J’ai une confession.

  • Allison

    Wow i have never tried duck before. I do make exceptions when I am eating out if there is something on the menu thst relly appeals to me. It happens, dont beat yourself up over it!

  • janetha @ meals and moves

    holy crud. that bread pudding looks like straight up heaven!

  • DiningAndDishing

    Looks phenom!! I eat whatever looks the best when dining out. It’s all about good food! 🙂

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  • whatkateiscooking

    I’ve never made an exception to vegetarianism, but I usually try to dissuade myself from ordering dessert but then do it anyway 🙂

  • Christin@purplebirdblog

    Hahahhahahahah you could’ve sent those wraps my way. 😉

  • Nicole @ Of Cookies & Carrots

    My exceptions are mostly “unintentional”… I mean, I mostly don’t eat fish and sometimes make exceptions for that but generally tell people I do eat fish in general, but I also will sometimes pick aroudn the meat in some dishes where necessary/when I REALLY wanna try some of that curry 😉

    The other day I went ot a morroccan restaurant w my friends (posted a bit about it) and they brought a supposedly vegetarian couscous dish that had plenty of chunks of chicken covered by veggies, prob also cooked in chicken stock. but I decided to take one for the team and not make a fuss so I ate some of the veggies off the top and called it a day haha. Though i did try to mostlye at the one other veg option.

    I honeslty don’t think there’s necessarily an issue with eating meat on occasion so long as people know that being vegetarian typically means NO meat EVER… it’s annoying when people assume all veggies will make exceptions because they won’t and shouldn’t have to. BUT I like to do everything in moderation as much as possible and sometimes ya gotta live a little 🙂

    wow, i had a lot to say. sorry for talkin’ your ear off…

    • Erica D

      Nah, I love hearing your thoughts! I’m basically on the same page, especially because most of my friends eat meat and tend to fuss over me when they realize my options are limited. I feel like I’ve been saying, “Guys, don’t worry about me!” with increasing frequency 🙂

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