Feeling Foggy

Have you ever had days where your mind feels more than a smidgen awry, and you think, “Who the hell am I?”

Of course, I could be feeling foggy for many reasons. Shall I count the ways?

  • My head’s a little shaken from my rugby game this afternoon. We were missing a couple of key players, so it was rough and everyone got considerably banged up.
  • I was drunk on Friday night. Not that unusual for a college student, but I don’t drink often, and I didn’t plan for it while eating dinner (read: did not eat bread to soak up the alcohol!) so 2 shots and I was done for.
  • I pulled an all-nighter to write a paper on Thursday night. In my defense, I had dance rehearsals & performances every night that week, and I didn’t start the paper until 1 a.m. Ok, that’s a pitiful defense.
  • I’ve been listening to Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman on my iPod. Ergo, my head is spinning with dreams of my own real-life romance with a cowboy.
  • My mom and my sister are coming to visit in a week, so I need to finish my final paper for class before they arrive. Good thing analyzing Ramakrishna’s mystio-erotic spirtuality through the lens of Hindu masculinity will be an exciting paper to write!

Who the hell am I?

School-produced vegetarian goodness! That blue dot conveys how local the ingredients are; I think the blue is the closest?

The dinner that was not sufficient to withstand alcohol a couple hours later. Being a lightweight is both a gift and a curse!

Not just an egg..

An egg on top of a spinach, onion, mushroom, & chickpea salad. It was lovely.

And yes, it was really sunny that day! Hence the summery, east-coast-y dress. Topped with a J.Crew sweater, no less. You can take the girl outta Connecticut...

Pear & PB oats. I stirred in a spoonful of plain greek yogurt at the end that made them really gooey!

Golden delicious.

Orange. It tasted amazing when I was very slightly hungover.

Roasted brussels sprouts! It's been too long.

Post-rugby spinach with chickpeas, brussels sprouts, & nutritional yeast.

Despite the fog, here’s what’s making me happy at the moment:

My roomate did not pick up ORGANIC spinach like I asked, but for the first time I'm having Popeye-mascot-branded spinach!! How cute!

On that note, the apartment fridge is STOCKED. Can you spot the questionable purchases?

Not only did I roast brussels sprouts today, but I prepped my smoothie for tomorrow morning!

I enjoy creeping on my roommates playing frisbee. The mountain background is irresistably epic!

And last but not least…

I can't wait to keep listening to this on my way to school tomorrow! Yum.


Anything not-so-nice about your weekend worth ranting about?

What is your opinion on frisbee?



6 responses to “Feeling Foggy

  • Lisa

    Love all the pics!
    I can relate to your feeling of being a little foggy. Sounds like you have a lot going on! But man, look at that view!

    I wish my school had food like that wrap when I was there…it was more like pasta and potatoes….and cheesecake.

    My weekend was pretty good, and I don’t think I have a single bad thing to report—it was even sunny and in the 60s in NY!

    On frisbee—I’m terrible at it, and there’s this whole frisbee golf thing here. My ex-bf made me go play a couple times and I hated it!

  • keepnthefaith

    I totally got beat up pretty good at my games yesterday too, so I am feeling it this morning big time. I have another game tonight though, so I just have to suck it up!

  • carlee

    My weekend was actually really nice! 🙂

    You have SO got me craving a golden delicious apple! You have no idea how good that sounds right now!

  • carlee

    Oh and all nighters suck! I pulled one once, and I “thought” I was drunk the next day! 😉

  • Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    I was just thinking about frisbee today! There’s a tiny little quad at my school (my school is really small) and there’s hardly room to even walk around, but some clown was tossing around a frisbee today and it kept hitting people! Not cool, man… not cool.

  • vegansunshine

    Hope you feel better! That wrap looks delish! 🙂


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