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(Random) Food & Facts

I didn’t come up with anything creative to say today. I felt like a frustrated, angsty teenager.

So I decided to go with it, and take a myspage-worthy survey instead.

Oh, and to scatter it around food. Enjoy!

Instant oats with apples, cinnamon, & PB

Regret Something You Did In The Past? (Who starts with that question??)
Yes, but why worry about what you can’t change?

Green monster smoothie with banana, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon

Country You Wanna Visit
New Zealand, Thailand, Denmark…

A brown green monster with strawberries, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon.

Way You Wanna Die:
After a long and very fulfilling life.

Like Thunderstorms?
They don’t happen often in Colorado, so any type of rain brings back a whole bunch of memories. Yes, I enjoy them.

Greek yogurt with apples, oats, & cinnamon

Get Along W/ Your Parents?
Yes. So well that they probably know too much about my life at this point.

Greek yogurt with banana, cereal, soy milk, honey, cinnamon

R U A Health Freak?
One could say that πŸ™‚

Spinach with chickpeas, onions, & goat cheese

U Think Ur Attractive?
Why yes, I do. And so should you, whatever high school girl you are who wrote this!

Salad, quinoa, potatoes

Do You Believe In Yourself?
All day, erryday. All I do is win.

Spinach with bell pepper

Wanna Get Married?
Eventually, and hopefully just once.

Vegetarian lettuce wrap from Jimmy John’s

Wanna Go To College?
I do, now let’s hope I graduate with my dignity intact.

Spinach with red bell pepper, almonds, sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, ginger dressing

Shower Daily?
Not always. Oops.

(Vegan) African Peanut Soup, green beans, agua fresca

Want Kids?
One day, but not at all soon!

A brown green monster with strawberries, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon. Side of Hinduism reading!

When Do U Wanna Lose Your Virginity?
Oh man, that ship has sailed…

PB & J with a fortune tucked in there by a mischievious teammate πŸ˜‰

Do U Hate Anyone?
I can honestly say I do not, and that’s a great feeling. Even if I did, I wouldn’t make a fuss about it.

(Nighttime) Green monster smoothie with banana, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon

Can You Unwrap A Starburst W/ Your Tongue?
I’ve never even tried. Should I?

Do You Think You Can Sing?
Not to toot my own horn, but I have a lovely first soprano voice. I’m not in a choir anymore, so it hardly gets used.

Soft serve & cobbler. Mmm.

Can You Open You Eyes Underwater?
So well that I never bother to close them. Ha!

Eat Whatever And Not Worry?
Hah! Good one. No, and that’s a reason why I have this blog. But I’m almost thankful for that!

Coconut layer bar.

Can You Whistle?
No, but it’s not really on my list of priorities. I can’t snap my fingers, either!

Can You Walk In High Heels?
I can even run in them! Sometimes. If I’m sober.

Do You Sleep With The Light On?
No more than a desk lamp, when I’m waiting for my roomie to get home.

Watching rugby on a sunny day is a legit way to get sunburned.

Do You Like Super Spicy Foods?
I can’t even handle “medium” salsa! I wish my taste buds were stronger.

I live with REALLY hungry boys.

Can You Multitask?
Oh yes. I like to think that my generation is particularly skilled at it.

My toenail is bruised.

Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue?

What do you do with a huge box of bouncy balls??

Can You Fit In Your Locker?
I could in high school, but I haven’t had the urge to try that lately.

You stay sunny, Colorado.

Do You Spit?
If I’m feeling particularly phlegmy on a run. And only if no one is looking!

Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke?

If You Could Wish 4 Anything…What Would You Wish?
World Peace! Really. Let’s get on that. And better animal rights.

What Kind Of Perfume Or Colone Do You Wear?
Marc Jacobs Daisy, which I’ve had for years. It takes forever for me to go through perfume!

What Kind Of Soap Do You Use?
I think I’m washing with a cheapo Softsoap scrub nowadays. But it smells nice!

What’s Your Favorite Scent?
Campfires. No competition. (I don’t think they bottle that scent, though.)

Would You Choose To Live Forever If You Could?
Probably not, but if I could benefit the world somehow by being immortal, I would.

A concluding myspace mirror shot, obvi!

Answer me a question, would ya?

Have a wonderful day!


Spring Showers

Can I go back to spring break?

I mean more than just recapping the first part of it, which was spent frolicking around the splendid sights of Denver, Colorado.

Like, can I have another one? Please?

Whenever I break out of the Colorado Springs bubble and travel to other parts of Colorado, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the state. It’s gorgeous! I never get tired of the breathtaking drive north towards Denver. Thank goodness I have a good friend just outside the city that lets me invade her house once in a while πŸ˜‰

We’re just two hippies that like to explore.

Whether it’s chatting a hookah bar in which we were the only non-Arabs (win!),

grabbing a 1 a.m. meal at Pete’s Diner,

(we’re both vegetarians now, which made dining extra sweet this time around!)

snarfing down greek wraps

visiting the Denver Botanical Gardens on a free admission day,

My religion major mind was on vacation; I didn't try to figure out what this symbolized.

local ice cream joints,

Chai tea yogurt in a gluten-free cone. Why? Because it was an option! Tastes just the same.

walking in Washburn Park,

with her majestic great dane, Lucy

and a plethora of fruit and naan

baking banana bread


and then, more cooing over animals which are not mine πŸ˜‰Between when I got back home and leaving for Oklahoma, things got bland.

I did attempt to make cauliflower pizza.

Looks cool, but not so tasty.

Snackage was random:

and at the same time, completely predictable.

Green monster smoothie with banana, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon

Cereal, my favorite.

Raw cookie dough, made with almonds.


Apple-cinnamon-peanut butter oats.

Another green monster.

Leftover garden benedict and mushroom omelet.

Strawberry-peanut butter oats.

Sorry for the blah-ness of throwing food pictures at you. I’m just a little cranky from being sunburnt (not enough SPF), bruised (rugby), impatient (wordpress! grr), and stressed (class + tech week for a dance show).

But hey, despite the fact that I just walked home in a snowstorm, Colorado is showing signs of spring. That means summer is just around the corner, right? πŸ˜‰

What’s on your plate for this week?

Ready? Break!

My college is officially on spring break. So exciting!

But at the moment, I’m particularly thrilled, because I made dinner for the apartment tonight.

Not only did they love it…

it was vegan!

An eggplant bake, to be exact. I just told them I was making eggplant parmesean.

First-class kitchen organization, obviously!

I started off with this recipe, but ended up making some substitutions.

For one, we were out of marinara sauce. What to do?!

“What’s red, saucy, and in my kitchen already?”


See? Looks the same. And that’s all that counts, right? Hehe.

I also used boxed bread crumbs instead of almond flour, and lemon pepper spice instead of italian seasoning. Worked great!

However, the veggie course took a turn for the worse, due a misjudgment on my part of how oven-safe the pan was…

My bad.

They were salvaged, nonetheless.

I made up for it with another dish of roasted asparagus with goat cheese.

Ok, so the goat cheese detail wasn’t vegan. But the main dish was, and the roommates were shocked when I told them!

One of the guys even made a remark along the lines of, “If we let Erica cook every night, we’d be much healthier, cut down on our animal intake, save the environment….”

damn right you would!

I think it’s safe to say they enjoyed it.

And if I had actually used almonds instead of bread crumbs, it would have been gluten free!

Some good eatin’ was certainly called for, after some questionable food choices during these last days of class. Example?

Boxed mac n cheese at 3 AM.

But today, after sleeping until 11, handing in my final paper before noon, and sweating all my stress out in the gym…

Green monster in the sunshine. The way it should be.

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! Any fun plans?

I don’t drink beer, but I want a festive grasshopper!


Peak Treats

This is the view from outside of my on-campus apartment. What more could you ask for?

Pikes Peak was looking especially gorgeous this morning, when I dragged myself out of bed at 6:45 AM to tackle the rugby weights sesh that I skipped out on last night. I was astonished to have the weight room all to myself…until the “student supervisor” walked in while I was finishing up and I found myself face-t0-face with a random hookup from last year. Needless to say, I blushed, hurried through my stretches, and blazed outta there.

I microwaved some dark chocolate instant oatmeal (three sisters brand) that I had brought from home for breakfast, with a sliced banana and a (later) scoop of peanut butter. I can’t remember the last time I made oats in the micro! I’ll have to get better at the morning routine so I can get back to the stovetop method. However, when you’re rushed for time…

I’m so grateful that eating breakfast in a 9 AM class is not looked down upon at this school. Schlupping my bfast into a thermos is addictingly convenient, especially when I can refill it with too-strong coffee made by my professor! I was buzzing all morning.

Came home to get my snacks packed for class at the middle school:

Apple, almonds, orange

Another great day at school! I’ll fill y’all in on my class soon, I promise.

Had some bread when I got home:

Then went to the gym to hop on the treadmill and get my cardio for the day! I just wanted to walk, so I searched around and found this workout on Tina’s blog. It’s a sweaty one! I powered through it, stopping only to attack embrace a friend I hadn’t seen in months. Feeling the love was so good, I found some more friends to mull over life with for the next few hours. But eventually,a girl’s gotta eat!

With the aid of some coconut oil, I proceeded to chop and fry a whole green pepper

And took a closer look at the huge container of spinach in the fridge…

Never mind. That is definitely not fresh anymore.

Moving on, I added some cabbage mix that I found in the fridge, leftover tofu, and an egg

Voila! Lots of veggies and protein, perfect for after-gym. Plus a little bit of the apartment’s candy stash for dessert…


Here’s more of my Pikes Peak photo shoot from today:

What more could I ask for?

Question: What do you see in the distance when you step out your front door?


Has anyone ever watched Stick It?

It’s produced by the same writer who did Bring It On, which should give you an idea of its quality.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the only gymnastics movies out there, so my sister owns it.

Among its many snarky one-liners, we like to recite the one that goes, “It’s not called gymnicestics!

Nasty as it may be on your body, it’s nice just to gaze in awe of that kind of grace.

That flexibility.

Those thighs.

That fearlessness.

And those little imperfections that remind me my sister is, indeed, human.

That balance is a pretty awesome thing to watch.

But life isn’t a spectator sport, so within a few hours we were onto the next order of business!

I brought my breakfast to the gym:

1/3 cup rolled oats, pomegranate arils, almonds, instant coffee powder

I wish this coffee had worked, but I’m almost certain the box is circa 1990. Anywho, the flavor was perky!

Lunch was had at home:

Rainbow chard, sauteed with chickpeas and spiced with garam masala. Topped with leftover winter squash puree!

And then we went to the mall.

After a few hours, we were all, might I say, cranky.as.fuck.

I turned to a grande pumpkin spice latte with soy milk for salvation:

With a handful of almonds in the car ride back, I was content again and ready to attend the Zumba launch at my gym!

Verdict? I loved it. I like it more than BodyJam classes, because I prefer latin music and hip shaking than jazz with footwork. I’m sad that I’ll only be able to take advantage of it for a few days before I leave for Colorado!

Good thing my friends don’t shun me when I show up to their house a sweaty mess:I just don’t get a Snuggy.

And then my sister bakes molasses muffins.

Are you sure it’s not called gymnicestics?



Typical Townie

Because our guests were still sleeping early this morning, I snuck out to do rugby weights #2.

1/4 banana, side of guilt.

What? I had to.

I made it back to town to do some main-street snooping…

Essex, CT: The best small town in America.

What? Look it up. No, seriously.

The coffee shop was out of soy milk (story of my life…) so I got a cup of Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee with a tiny bit of 2% milk. My last attempt to drink a latte with lactose didn’t work out perfectly.

(Aaaand this is why I never paint my nails.)

Our guests wanted to do what any other Connecticut shoreline tourists would want to do…

…shop at one of the two outlet centers that grace our 20-minute radius.

I’m not complaining! Mom bought me two stylish, work-appropriate, figure-hugging dresses at Banana Republic.

Ironically, I then had to flee to the other outlet mall to work!

The fuel for this day was not ideal:

I found a sketchy but HUGE apple sitting on the floor of my car.

Next to a pencil, too. That’s suspiciously coordinated.

And I munched on almonds through the morning, with some snuck at work, too.

Work today (it’s a baby and kids store) was like World Languages day!! I heard conversations in French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. Naam, el-Arabi!

I definitely freaked out the two Arabic-speaking families by trying to converse with them…but I was ecstatic to use my limited vocabulary:)

Or should I say,Β  فرحانه (farhaanah: happy)!!

I found myself back on this same street (look to the inn on the left) for dinner:

The Griswold Inn, established in 1776.

We all just had to laugh when we saw the menu!

The Gris is an old, traditional, very reputable inn, but my mother, myself, and our guests are all vegetarian.

And the menu: meat, meat, meat, meat, and more meat.

Granted, it was fare like quail, venision, and moose, and I would feel better eating those than other animals…

but we all decided to go with with the salad of beets and sides:red & yellow beets, pistachios, goat cheese

I’m so glad I was never exposed to beets as a kid, because I know I would’ve been scarred for life. We’re friends now πŸ™‚

bread rolls for the table. whatever happened to variety?My side of winter squash pureΓ©

It wouldn’t be the Griswold Inn without its colonial-era-dressed waiters and carolers. We weren’t impressed with either, but when you’ve got good company at your table, who cares?

I’m continuing getting my small-town on again tomorrow, at my sister’s gymnastics meet!

Question: What’s your city/town/area’s claim to fame? My hometown was attacked by the British and boasts a fine array of sailboats. Did you notice the nautical-trimmed plate?

Crack Happy

I saw the movie The Fighter last night, with Mark Wahlberg. It’s based on the true story of the boxer Mickey Ward.

The actual movie didn’t move me, but I can say that I’m very happy that I’m not on crack…

even if my own behavior is a bit off lately.

In the past 24 hours, I have:

  • walked out naked in front of our cleaning lady (by accident) and felt not the least embarrassed
  • checked my work schedule for the first time in a week to realize I had to be there within the hour

In the past week, I have:

  • gotten my bellybutton ring caught on a box I was holding
  • watched knocked up and pineapple express with my mother…who loved them
  • been rejected from a blood drive, mostly because I hadn’t been eating as much spinach (hence, low iron!)
  • gone through an entire season of Make it or Break It

I blame the blizzard.

I’ve been forced to find alternatives for soy milk on cereal,

kashi, banana, plain greek yogurt, applesauce

Congratulate myself when I drive to the gym and make it back alive,


Hit up the local tavern, even though I still can’t sit in the bar area:

Thank goodness for warm places, old faces, vegetarian options, and improved photo quality!

Portobello Sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onions, mozzarella, huge mushroom, and sweet potato fries!

Now I just hope I can avoid more cracked-out bellybutton ring disasters at work.


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