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Peace and Pie

Ok, so the U.S. of A just killed a major terrorist leader. Am I the only one who feels a little saddened at the jubilation of our country’s citizens over it?

Maybe it’s because I live in a small-liberal-arts-college bubble.

Ok, that’s most definitely why.

My neighbors at the Air Force Academy are having lots of fun celebrating. Amazing how we’re in the same city, but it feels like worlds away! Their celebrations have been a little tamer than other colleges, at least…

But honestly? I don’t like death. In any, any case. Not even in the name of justice. Call me a peace-loving hippie, but in my ideal world, everyone guilty of a crime would be locked away in a box somewhere,  put through some kind of living-purgatory-type-experience (I’m thinking LOST as a model), and released into existence again when they’re truly sorry for what they did.

Small liberal arts college. I did warn you.

But just because my college is full of liberal tree-huggers doesn’t mean we won’t turn this into an excuse to party on a Monday night. My school is in “8th block,” a.k.a. the last quarter of the semester. I still can’t get the glitter out of my hair from this shindig:

Good news: my red jacket is now flour-free and ready to wear again.

Tonight, however, I need to catch up on sleep, so I will leave you with my food-related hopes and dreams! Ready?

In my ideal world, everyone would realize how delicious the combo of sprouts, avocado, & hummus is, and I’d be able to let animals roam free without fear of humans eating them.

Whole-wheat tortilla with hummus, sprouts, spinach, & avocado, + carrots

In my ideal world, everyone I love would stop to partake in Sunday brunch.

Veggie skewers, spinach & egg pizza, cherry blintz, agua fresca

In my ideal world, I would have the option to go back to my pre-paid campus dining hall whenever I didn’t feel like scrounging in my fridge.

BBQ tofu, salad, green beans, white beans, agua frescaThere would be fewer last-resort sources of protein.

Tuna, broccoli, green peppers & onions

There would be more salads. Period.

Spinach, black beans, avocado, goat cheese & maple balsamic dressing

There would be lots of sprouts, because for some reason, when I eat them I feel like I’m channeling the Buddha. (where did I make that association, I wonder?)

Sprouts, carrots, broccoli & hummus

I would know the Chobani company personally, just to make sure they’re treating their dairy cows right. (Because if it wasn’t for greek yogurt, I’d easily be vegan all the time!)

Plain greek yogurt with cinnamon and....apples? Somewhere?

Plain greek yogurt with chia seeds, 1/2 a mango, & 1 clementine

I would make the whole world see that green monster smoothies are absolutely delicious.

(I might have forced this down the throats of several of my teammates one pre-rugby-game morning. No one gagged, that’s a start!)

The morning special: green monster smoothie + coffee with almond milk & cinnamon.

One of my favorite cereals of all time, combined with the more new-age almond milk.

And…my roomie would surprise me with wonderful baked goods every night! (It’s a wonder what an unexpected pie can do for a student on the verge of a breakdown!)

Homemade blueberry pie/island of crust floating in blueberry yum sauce.

And similar to bad criminals, bad weather would go into hiding, think about what it’s done to the hearts and minds of sun-loving girls like me, and only come back out for holiday festivities and the occasional ski trip.

Mountains? Uh…Marco?

More of this, please.

Little sister not necessary. Just the sunshine, please!

Thoughts on politics?

Favorite trees to hug?

Sharing is caring!

❤ Erica


(Random) Food & Facts

I didn’t come up with anything creative to say today. I felt like a frustrated, angsty teenager.

So I decided to go with it, and take a myspage-worthy survey instead.

Oh, and to scatter it around food. Enjoy!

Instant oats with apples, cinnamon, & PB

Regret Something You Did In The Past? (Who starts with that question??)
Yes, but why worry about what you can’t change?

Green monster smoothie with banana, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon

Country You Wanna Visit
New Zealand, Thailand, Denmark…

A brown green monster with strawberries, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon.

Way You Wanna Die:
After a long and very fulfilling life.

Like Thunderstorms?
They don’t happen often in Colorado, so any type of rain brings back a whole bunch of memories. Yes, I enjoy them.

Greek yogurt with apples, oats, & cinnamon

Get Along W/ Your Parents?
Yes. So well that they probably know too much about my life at this point.

Greek yogurt with banana, cereal, soy milk, honey, cinnamon

R U A Health Freak?
One could say that 🙂

Spinach with chickpeas, onions, & goat cheese

U Think Ur Attractive?
Why yes, I do. And so should you, whatever high school girl you are who wrote this!

Salad, quinoa, potatoes

Do You Believe In Yourself?
All day, erryday. All I do is win.

Spinach with bell pepper

Wanna Get Married?
Eventually, and hopefully just once.

Vegetarian lettuce wrap from Jimmy John’s

Wanna Go To College?
I do, now let’s hope I graduate with my dignity intact.

Spinach with red bell pepper, almonds, sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, ginger dressing

Shower Daily?
Not always. Oops.

(Vegan) African Peanut Soup, green beans, agua fresca

Want Kids?
One day, but not at all soon!

A brown green monster with strawberries, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon. Side of Hinduism reading!

When Do U Wanna Lose Your Virginity?
Oh man, that ship has sailed…

PB & J with a fortune tucked in there by a mischievious teammate 😉

Do U Hate Anyone?
I can honestly say I do not, and that’s a great feeling. Even if I did, I wouldn’t make a fuss about it.

(Nighttime) Green monster smoothie with banana, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon

Can You Unwrap A Starburst W/ Your Tongue?
I’ve never even tried. Should I?

Do You Think You Can Sing?
Not to toot my own horn, but I have a lovely first soprano voice. I’m not in a choir anymore, so it hardly gets used.

Soft serve & cobbler. Mmm.

Can You Open You Eyes Underwater?
So well that I never bother to close them. Ha!

Eat Whatever And Not Worry?
Hah! Good one. No, and that’s a reason why I have this blog. But I’m almost thankful for that!

Coconut layer bar.

Can You Whistle?
No, but it’s not really on my list of priorities. I can’t snap my fingers, either!

Can You Walk In High Heels?
I can even run in them! Sometimes. If I’m sober.

Do You Sleep With The Light On?
No more than a desk lamp, when I’m waiting for my roomie to get home.

Watching rugby on a sunny day is a legit way to get sunburned.

Do You Like Super Spicy Foods?
I can’t even handle “medium” salsa! I wish my taste buds were stronger.

I live with REALLY hungry boys.

Can You Multitask?
Oh yes. I like to think that my generation is particularly skilled at it.

My toenail is bruised.

Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue?

What do you do with a huge box of bouncy balls??

Can You Fit In Your Locker?
I could in high school, but I haven’t had the urge to try that lately.

You stay sunny, Colorado.

Do You Spit?
If I’m feeling particularly phlegmy on a run. And only if no one is looking!

Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke?

If You Could Wish 4 Anything…What Would You Wish?
World Peace! Really. Let’s get on that. And better animal rights.

What Kind Of Perfume Or Colone Do You Wear?
Marc Jacobs Daisy, which I’ve had for years. It takes forever for me to go through perfume!

What Kind Of Soap Do You Use?
I think I’m washing with a cheapo Softsoap scrub nowadays. But it smells nice!

What’s Your Favorite Scent?
Campfires. No competition. (I don’t think they bottle that scent, though.)

Would You Choose To Live Forever If You Could?
Probably not, but if I could benefit the world somehow by being immortal, I would.

A concluding myspace mirror shot, obvi!

Answer me a question, would ya?

Have a wonderful day!

Spring Showers

Can I go back to spring break?

I mean more than just recapping the first part of it, which was spent frolicking around the splendid sights of Denver, Colorado.

Like, can I have another one? Please?

Whenever I break out of the Colorado Springs bubble and travel to other parts of Colorado, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the state. It’s gorgeous! I never get tired of the breathtaking drive north towards Denver. Thank goodness I have a good friend just outside the city that lets me invade her house once in a while 😉

We’re just two hippies that like to explore.

Whether it’s chatting a hookah bar in which we were the only non-Arabs (win!),

grabbing a 1 a.m. meal at Pete’s Diner,

(we’re both vegetarians now, which made dining extra sweet this time around!)

snarfing down greek wraps

visiting the Denver Botanical Gardens on a free admission day,

My religion major mind was on vacation; I didn't try to figure out what this symbolized.

local ice cream joints,

Chai tea yogurt in a gluten-free cone. Why? Because it was an option! Tastes just the same.

walking in Washburn Park,

with her majestic great dane, Lucy

and a plethora of fruit and naan

baking banana bread


and then, more cooing over animals which are not mine 😉Between when I got back home and leaving for Oklahoma, things got bland.

I did attempt to make cauliflower pizza.

Looks cool, but not so tasty.

Snackage was random:

and at the same time, completely predictable.

Green monster smoothie with banana, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon

Cereal, my favorite.

Raw cookie dough, made with almonds.


Apple-cinnamon-peanut butter oats.

Another green monster.

Leftover garden benedict and mushroom omelet.

Strawberry-peanut butter oats.

Sorry for the blah-ness of throwing food pictures at you. I’m just a little cranky from being sunburnt (not enough SPF), bruised (rugby), impatient (wordpress! grr), and stressed (class + tech week for a dance show).

But hey, despite the fact that I just walked home in a snowstorm, Colorado is showing signs of spring. That means summer is just around the corner, right? 😉

What’s on your plate for this week?

Life After Death

A few days ago, my class took a field trip to a cemetery.

Somehow, I find cemeteries pleasant.

Rather than getting scared about death, I find it comforting to see that it happens. People die, and the world keeps spinning.

And wherever they are now, it’s interesting to observe how the dead choose to be remembered.

I think my class shares that opinion. If I had had my way, I would have been the first to hop into the coffin lift

alas, I was too slow.

“Bloating balls.” You don’t want to know.

I was glad to spend a morning tromping around a graveyard, because rugby weights that morning tired me out! I made sure to get my protein in on the way to class.

Plain greek yogurt, banana, chocolate protein powder and a sprinkle of coconut

Does taking that picture in the stairwell make me eccentric?

I can only imagine how interesting this person was:

Foot powder?? Hmmm.

So many mysteries to be explored….

Oh, and it didn’t hurt that it was 60 degrees and sunny 😉

After wandering in the graveyard,  I celebrated living by going about my day!

I went grocery shopping and came back with too much lots of fresh produce.

Spinach with red peppers, kidney beans, and nutritional yeast

I was fooled into thinking I had to buy 10 bell peppers to get the 10 for $10 deal. Not so! Tricky supermarkets! But these will go fast anyway 😉

I got a vaccine shot, and sported my classy Looney Toons band-aid for ballet class :

( I don’t do ballerina buns.)

I ate cereal for dinner. Very much a (lazy) living-person thing. At least it was cheerios and granola with coconut milk to mix things up!

My muscles are still wicked tired from yesterday’s rugby, so I’mma make like the dead and sleep forever. G’night!


If stomachs could have Facebook statuses, I think I know what mine would say:

“Erica’s stomach is dazed and confused.”

It’s been a rough couple of days. On Thursday, I ran a few intervals on the treadmill after dancing my butt off at BodyJam; when I stopped, I fled to a secluded corner to sit down, hang my head between my knees, and ride out the storm that had just started to rage in my stomach and head. I got home okay, but not until I had undergone an hour of being the sickest I think I’ve ever been.

Even worse than gastritis in the Middle East. Ya ba yei...

The worst was over quickly, but I’m still feeling a little wonky. What caused it? Well, it may have been the detail that I used cow’s milk for a bowl of cereal the night before; no one in my family is lactose intolerant, but we all agree that soy milk is easier on our digestion, so the cow’s milk is only around for tea. But there was only a little bit of soy milk left, and I knew my sister would need it in the morning. So I took the chance and used cow’s milk.

Cereal is my favorite food, mmk? My milk preferences weren’t going to stop me from enjoying a bowl of Kashi.

But even though my first word was “milk” and I drank copious amounts of it growing up, I suspect that my body might not be used to it anymore; for the past year or so, I’ve maybe flirted with it at best. My mom’s side of the family also has horrible digestive history; I think it’s all coming full circle this year.

We’ll find out next week at the gastro-whatever specialist. To be continued!

Here’s a glimpse of what I have been able to chow down:

Banana Breakfast Split!

(I had the page bookmarked from this lady)

Going with the theme of “foods that my digestion will appreciate,” I added 1/3 cup cooked rolled oats (with cinnamon) to half a split banana, topped with plain greek yogurt and fiber one cereal. Garnished with a bit of delicious apple.

I also got the urge to experiment with raw desserts during this time.

Averie’s Raw Chocolate?! So incredibly easy! And it tasted so dark and pure.

I might have gotten a little carried away with my finger-scooping once it was in the tupperware.Froze that along with some Raw Peppermint Donut Holes.

I didn’t love these, but my blender is also terrible, so I’m blaming that. Once I’m back at school with my Magic Bullet, I’ll give these another whirl.

The next day, I tried to go to dance class again and balked. Not up for it. But I did come back home and embark on a 2+ hour hike with my dog in the woods trails. Not only was it amazing, but I had an appetite soon enough!

Whole wheat tortilla with mixed greens, avocado, toasted almonds, and tuna salad (I made it the other day with tuna, greek yogurt, celery, lemon juice, and spices).

Non-food comfort:

Roadside Manor show at Toad’s Place!

The band is (are?) my longtime friends, and they are gaining a lot of repute in Connecticut. Toad’s is a major venue, and they put on a great show. It was a fun night dancing with friends and listening to incredible music. Especially the electric banjo (front and center, with Henry); it will always have my heart.

I have bluegrass music both in Connecticut and Colorado, so it’s the ultimate comfort.

Play me a bit of “Wagon Wheel” and I’m yours.

Get ready for a great Monday!

Questions: What song makes you melt? What comforts you most when you’re sick?


Life Put a Lot on my Plate.

You know those days where you wake up hungry?

And you just want something satisfying, quick, tried and true?

Hooray for cereal!

Kashi Autumn Wheat, Fiber One at the bottom, half a banana, and a dosing of soy milk.

Good thing I was hungry, because today, life put a lot on my plate.

1. My sister got into her 3rd car accident while backing out of a driveway.

Thankfully, neither she or her friend were hurt, and the damage to the car is purely cosmetic.

2. I saw a truck knowingly wrench a power line from its pole, and leave it sprawling across the street.

Seriously? I arrived just in time to see the truck squirming around, knowing it was caught on something, then drive up the hill like nobody’s business once it was free.

3. I could not report this incident myself because my cell phone has horrible reception on that street.

Because I didn’t have the police’s number, I tried to call 911, but all I heard from the end was, “Hello? You’re cutting out.” I need to graduate from Virgin Mobile. I had the next person who drove by report it; she’s probably with Verizon.

4. My sister likes kale chips.

Yes, this is up there with car accidents. Because my sister is such a picky eater that I never thought that she would actually try them.

All I did was:

  • rinse the kale in water and give a whirl in the salad spinner
  • massage kale with olive oil, dill weed, and some sea salt
  • bake in the oven at 400 F for 13 minutes
  • hope for the best

I can’t believe it.

(evidence of both our hands in the bowl)

Round out the day with a treadmill workout, another 30 minutes shredding with Jillian, and dinner out with the sister and Dad…that’s a lot of day to digest.

I even got sis (on the left) to try some of my polenta and vegetable melt!

Terrible lighting, wonderful dish.

Oh, and the tree is decorated!

A lot on my plate, but all of it was joyful in the end.

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