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Maybe it’s because Colorado is experiencing some freakish weather right now.

Maybe it’s because I’m ashamed that I haven’t learned to rock climb yet.

Maybe it’s because I climbed the mountain in this video too long ago (not even 2 years!) and that was without being on the constant verge of a 1000 ft vertical drop.

For whatever reason, I’m obsessed with this gem of a clip about a female rock climber named Steph Davis. I think I’ve played it at least 10 times now:

Watch it. You’ll get dizzy, but it’ll be great. Trust me.

The Youtube channel it’s on is chock full of amazing feats of outdoor adventurers. I think it was just what I needed for a little kick in the butt to start the week!

On this manic Monday, I started with the (really) lazy girl’s version of overnight oats: about-an-hour oats 🙂

1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/3 cup soy milk, cinnamon, apples

Meaning that I mixed these together, walked to my hour of student teaching at the high school, and then devoured them on the way back to campus. Not too shabby!

But as I arrived on campus, my mind (body? same thing) realized how early I had gotten up, and wanted caffeine.

I’ll say one thing: coffee is a powerful, powerful force.

Looks gigantic, but it just fits a "tall" size.

I stayed awake through class, but my heart would.not.stop.thumping afterwards. Can’t complain, though; I wasn’t really hungry, so I got ahead on some of the night’s reading and ended up munching a red bell pepper for lunch:

Strangely enough, it was enough!

Know what else is a powerful thing? Planning ahead. I knew I’d be starving after ballet and gym, so I pressed and marinated a block of tofu in balsamic vinegar & garlic powder before I left, popped the pieces in a 375 degree oven when I got home at 5:15, and took them out in time for 6:00 dance rehearsal in the form of a beautiful, fulfilling salad.

Complete with nutritional yeast, sauteed onions, and spinach.

Mmmm, portable goodness.

Now my reading’s all done, and it’s not even 9 pm yet. I could get used to this 😉

It’s no free-soloing the Diamond face of Longs Peak, but it’s been a day of achievement.

What are you proud of doing today?


In Between Days

Hello there! I hope everyone’s Thursdays have been thirsty theatrical thankful? therapeutic? Is there a th- word that fits how a Thursday should be?

Surprisingly, I think mine falls under the therapeutic category! Right now, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my run-around days, but my Tuesday and Thursday activities haven’t taken root yet, so there’s been time to relax.

My class (at my school, you take one at a time) isn’t too hard; just a lot of reading and long, deep discussion!

A few days ago, we were sent around the building to find something that represented life after death.

I found the recycling center. Duh! Just like many faiths, recycling has specific criteria for a successful afterlife. Thankfully, the city I live in sorts your recyclables for you, but that doesn’t mean you can throw crap in there. If, say, you throw in an item that’s not clean, you could compromise the salvation of the whole batch. How’s that for responsibility, huh?

Ok, enough relating trash to religion. Here’s some food!

Sauteed spinach with onions, mushrooms, broccoli, almonds, garlic, and nutritional yeastBroccoli with feta cheese and college student crack salsa con queso

Yesterday morning, I decided enough was enough.

I wanted a green monster.

So I dug out some frozen blueberries from the freezer (probs should have checked the exp date…), threw them in with some spinach and protein powder, and hoped for the best….

Grrr. Blech. It was drinkable, but those blueberries were definitely not up to snuff. I drowned it out with some honey and called it ok 🙂 I ended up going to the dining hall for lunch because I missed my underclassmen pals, so I snuck out some bananas while I was there! Hence, this morning was so much better.

2 handfuls spinach, 1 banana, scoop of chocolate protein powder

Mmmm. I usually add a cup or so of soymilk to thin it out, but since I haven’t done the grocery shopping yet this week, we had none and I didn’t want to take a chance on the digestive upsets of cow’s milk 😦 But it was still DELICIOUS and I had been wanting one for so long! A girl in my class even took a taste and proclaimed it wonderful. I know, right? 😉

My magic bullet is so noisy in the morning, but for tasty creations like this, it’s worth it. Sorry, roomies!

Obviously, I compromise other responsibilities when it comes to ensuring that I get breakfast.

Nope, not happenin’.

But I did plant the $1 strawberry plant I got at Target! It’s sitting pretty on the windowsill now.

(The man socks have since been removed)

More chores I will not do:

I won’t be fixing that futon.I won’t be climbing up the bookshelf to tack another flag alongside Australia’s (or fill the Picachu pinata).

But on this therapeutic Thursday, I did take a 2 hour nap. Oh, yes.

Then I stumbled downstairs to make lunch…

1/ 4 a red onion, spicy tempeh, feta cheese, and kidney beans on a corn tortilla. Cilantro garnish just because I could!

One of my favorite teas to wash it down! Someone recently told me that the owner of Yogi Tea’s daughter is in fact a girl we know at school. Shut the front door! That would be too cool.

(I also recovered a lost silly band!)

Thursday was also therapeutic in the fact that I got to dance my heart out at auditions for a bi-annual dance showcase at my school. Even better, I might be collaborating with a choreographer who wants to do a bellydancing piece! I’ve taken a couple bellydancing workshops waaaay back in the day (8th or 9th grade? not the best use of my time) so that would be fun! Plus…any excuse to show off my bellybutton ring 😉 Best resolution ever.

And as I was walking home, a friend called to invite me for a quick round of Laser Tag. How random! I usually hate social games like bowling and mini golf, but laser tag is always fast-paced and fun! I came 4th out of 14 🙂

And came home to create a dipping dinner of plain greek yogurt, pear slices, cinnamon, and honey:

My days will busier soon, but for now, I’m enjoying the flexibility of the in between days!

Have a fantastic Friday!

Question: What do you do on your non-hectic days? I like to make time for yoga (I went this morning), tea, and a book to snuggle up with!


There’s a reason why I didn’t post yesterday.

It’s the same reason that explains why I writing this at 4 AM.

My New Year’s dinner with the family was good:

curried acorn squash puree

and mixed greens with avocado, goat cheese, almonds

When I went out to a friend’s, I ended up staying sober throughout the night, but I did consume a vast quantity of cookies. and chips with salsa con queso.

I contributed these little babies:

Magic Middle Peanut Butter Cookies

At one point a few were splayed across the carpet, along with other food and beverages, but they still got the thumbs up!

I can tell you exactly what I ate the next day:

half a pancake with (fake) syrup. 3 slices of melon. chips. chocolate covered cherries. cookies. oatmeal bars. slice of cheese & broccoli pizza. (a few) carrot sticks. kettle corn.

yup. no wonder i couldn’t sleep last night!

Thankfully, I had roped my mom into another Zumba launch at 10:30 this morning, which we attended and she loved! I’m so glad, because this is a woman who is “embarrassed how long she studied dance” because she “doesn’t have any coordination any more.” Not true, Mom!

Well, it is true that you won’t be able to shake your hips like I can. But let’s put that aside.

We stayed for BodyFlow afterwards, which sold her. She’s hooked.

It’s rainy and yucky outside, so I came home to finish out the sunflower seed butter jar!

1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/2 banana, 1 cup blueberries, cinnamon, sunflower seed butter

I haven’t had Oats in a Jar for so long! I love being able to scrape the remaining bit of nut butter from every inch of the jar. And they make great portable breakfasts when I’m at school.

I can't believe how expensive that jar was...

It feels like the end of something beautiful, and the start of something new. Appropriate, right?

There are so many things I need to do.

But I do have one resolution!

I’m going to dance.

Every day.

Whether it’s 2 hours of ballet or 5 seconds of the dougie, it’s going to happen.

What’s one resolution you fully intend to keep?


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