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Feeling Foggy

Have you ever had days where your mind feels more than a smidgen awry, and you think, “Who the hell am I?”

Of course, I could be feeling foggy for many reasons. Shall I count the ways?

  • My head’s a little shaken from my rugby game this afternoon. We were missing a couple of key players, so it was rough and everyone got considerably banged up.
  • I was drunk on Friday night. Not that unusual for a college student, but I don’t drink often, and I didn’t plan for it while eating dinner (read: did not eat bread to soak up the alcohol!) so 2 shots and I was done for.
  • I pulled an all-nighter to write a paper on Thursday night. In my defense, I had dance rehearsals & performances every night that week, and I didn’t start the paper until 1 a.m. Ok, that’s a pitiful defense.
  • I’ve been listening to Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman on my iPod. Ergo, my head is spinning with dreams of my own real-life romance with a cowboy.
  • My mom and my sister are coming to visit in a week, so I need to finish my final paper for class before they arrive. Good thing analyzing Ramakrishna’s mystio-erotic spirtuality through the lens of Hindu masculinity will be an exciting paper to write!

Who the hell am I?

School-produced vegetarian goodness! That blue dot conveys how local the ingredients are; I think the blue is the closest?

The dinner that was not sufficient to withstand alcohol a couple hours later. Being a lightweight is both a gift and a curse!

Not just an egg..

An egg on top of a spinach, onion, mushroom, & chickpea salad. It was lovely.

And yes, it was really sunny that day! Hence the summery, east-coast-y dress. Topped with a J.Crew sweater, no less. You can take the girl outta Connecticut...

Pear & PB oats. I stirred in a spoonful of plain greek yogurt at the end that made them really gooey!

Golden delicious.

Orange. It tasted amazing when I was very slightly hungover.

Roasted brussels sprouts! It's been too long.

Post-rugby spinach with chickpeas, brussels sprouts, & nutritional yeast.

Despite the fog, here’s what’s making me happy at the moment:

My roomate did not pick up ORGANIC spinach like I asked, but for the first time I'm having Popeye-mascot-branded spinach!! How cute!

On that note, the apartment fridge is STOCKED. Can you spot the questionable purchases?

Not only did I roast brussels sprouts today, but I prepped my smoothie for tomorrow morning!

I enjoy creeping on my roommates playing frisbee. The mountain background is irresistably epic!

And last but not least…

I can't wait to keep listening to this on my way to school tomorrow! Yum.


Anything not-so-nice about your weekend worth ranting about?

What is your opinion on frisbee?



Spring Showers

Can I go back to spring break?

I mean more than just recapping the first part of it, which was spent frolicking around the splendid sights of Denver, Colorado.

Like, can I have another one? Please?

Whenever I break out of the Colorado Springs bubble and travel to other parts of Colorado, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the state. It’s gorgeous! I never get tired of the breathtaking drive north towards Denver. Thank goodness I have a good friend just outside the city that lets me invade her house once in a while 😉

We’re just two hippies that like to explore.

Whether it’s chatting a hookah bar in which we were the only non-Arabs (win!),

grabbing a 1 a.m. meal at Pete’s Diner,

(we’re both vegetarians now, which made dining extra sweet this time around!)

snarfing down greek wraps

visiting the Denver Botanical Gardens on a free admission day,

My religion major mind was on vacation; I didn't try to figure out what this symbolized.

local ice cream joints,

Chai tea yogurt in a gluten-free cone. Why? Because it was an option! Tastes just the same.

walking in Washburn Park,

with her majestic great dane, Lucy

and a plethora of fruit and naan

baking banana bread


and then, more cooing over animals which are not mine 😉Between when I got back home and leaving for Oklahoma, things got bland.

I did attempt to make cauliflower pizza.

Looks cool, but not so tasty.

Snackage was random:

and at the same time, completely predictable.

Green monster smoothie with banana, spinach, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, & cinnamon

Cereal, my favorite.

Raw cookie dough, made with almonds.


Apple-cinnamon-peanut butter oats.

Another green monster.

Leftover garden benedict and mushroom omelet.

Strawberry-peanut butter oats.

Sorry for the blah-ness of throwing food pictures at you. I’m just a little cranky from being sunburnt (not enough SPF), bruised (rugby), impatient (wordpress! grr), and stressed (class + tech week for a dance show).

But hey, despite the fact that I just walked home in a snowstorm, Colorado is showing signs of spring. That means summer is just around the corner, right? 😉

What’s on your plate for this week?

Let Me Explain…

Hello wonderful readers! I apologize for my absence; let me explain!

At my college, students take one class at a time. (It’s weird, but it works. Trust me.)

Each class lasts 3.5 weeks, meeting for at least 3 hours every day.

This week marks that .5 week portion, aka “fourth week”; in other words, my class ends Wednesday at noon, so I’ve been hard at work writing my final paper. If you really want to know, it’s now finished and titled…

Saint Paul’s Afterlife Anxiety, Revealed by His Controversial Contradictions.

So yes, I had a steamy Valentine’s Date with Saint Paul. Not the best way to celebrate, but at least it was good conversation 🙂 In the past few days, I’ve spent a lot of time confined in this corner:

Evidently, the apartment has been too occupied to clean after Friday’s party!

We’re keeping the balloons around for a while 🙂

Friday night started off with a fantastic foodieness: Indian food!

I got the vegetable korma; this dish never fails me. Soooo delicious, especially with the crumbled cashews on top!

Dishes got passed around the table; I had some saag paneer (spinachy awesomeness) and a bite of someone’s lamb korma (the taste of which brought me right back to Jordan! Daresay I missed it a little?) but I mostly stuck to my veggie korma, rice, naan, and everyone else’s neglected veggies 🙂

We just barely got back in time for the start of our own party:

We totally forgot to take any photos other than this one, but we dressed up in Carnivale fashion because 2 of our roommates were leaving for Brazil the next day! My costume involved a tutu, wings, lots of pink and an excessive amount of glitter.

It was a fantastic night in more ways than one. The next morning, we ventured out to brunch in the dining hall:

Our food service rocks. There’s a reason why brunch is my favorite meal of them all….

Usually I go for sweet, but I was feelin’ some savory goodness this Saturday. What you see is spinach quiche, roasted carrots, tofu lettuce wraps, cheesy eggs, and a cheese blintz. I made a dent, but after heavy-drinking night, it was too soon for all that food! I hate when that happens.

Per usual, we also stole a boatload of fruit 🙂

(There was even more spread out on the dining room table; we’re animals!!)

The rest of the day was about friendship.

Getting ready to send some friends on their way…

(The previous night’s face paint simply would not come off. There are worse fates.)

I met a friend for a lovely walk in Garden of the Gods:

If you’re ever passing through Colorado Springs, you must go to Garden of the Gods. The rocks take your breath away!

It’s a great place to walk in nature and catch up. We must have covered at least 5 miles!

However, we were both in flats. Bad choice.

Kate also convinced me to try a cherry limeade from Sonic. Not my thing, but drive-ins are so much fun!!

But for the most part, nutritious eats were far and few between for the remainder of the weekend.

Yes, there was whole wheat toast with daiya cheese and spinach

But at the same time…

Yes. Ice cream sandwich for dinner.

(Does it sound better if I say it was a lemon cookie with lavender vanilla ice cream? I thought so.)

A pretty pear.

I finally got back on track this morning (while finishing my paper) with a green monster. Of course!

1/2 banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, a ludicrous amount of spinach, almond milk

Now I’m finally free…

I can finally relax and laugh about how wonderful life is. Even when I step on melted chocolate

Eew. Really?

I’m ready to go off and enjoy the mountains. Happy late V Day to you all! Show yourself some love. I sure am!

Question: How do you tackle a big assignment? Do you tend to procrastinate or dive right in? I am a huge procrastinator, but if the motivation is powerful enough, I can get it done quickly. I knew I had rugby practice today, and I didn’t want to get beaten up AND have to work afterward. Therefore, it gone done early!!

The Calm Before the Storm

Do you see a storm brewing over these mountains?

Nope, neither do I. There is, however, a beer bottle in the middle of that field. If you noticed.

My actual semester starts tomorrow, and I’m happy to say that I am very much at peace.

Unlike this yard, my last 2 weeks on campus have been, in a word, serene. They’ve been filled with good food, great friends, and gorgeous (yes, gorgeous) exercising. My apartment just welcomed our 8th (!) roommate back from his home in Australia; he was so exhausted, he slept through the fire drill last night! We’re still recounting skiing shenanigans. This morning, we went on a Target run with belly button rings as the most crucial items on the list.

If that’s not a forecast for a great semester, I don’t know what is.

Fresh with this morning’s plunder, I am currently lounging under my new down blanket:

Mmmmm. Warmth.

Admiring the new features of my room:

We are such girls.

Another roommate’s tapestry from Kenya.

Danish flags! Because my roomie went to Denmark last semester, and because I happen to be 1/4 Danish!Oh yes. More accessories.

But what are material things compared to this sense of serenity?

Food helps too. Here’s my lunch of 2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms, onions, nutritional yeast, and balsamic vinegar.

Apple snack on the way to a meeting, side of paper.

Whatever storm you’re seeing on the horizon, I hope you can find some calm to get you through it.

Have a wonderful Sunday night (and manic Monday), everyone!

Question: What do you buy when you go to Target? I only bought one thing from the $1 bin this time; it was a mini strawberry plant, it was too adorable to pass up!


To the mountains, with oatmeal

Thursday started out like any other.

I whipped up some oats…

(1/3 cup coach’s oats, apple, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder)

Transported that breakfast to class so I could eat it leisurely…

(rather, outside of class. I beat the rest of ’em!)

Did the rugby weights routine, came home to lunch…

spinach with nutritional yeast, salsa, and an egg over easy


This is a big, big deal for me.

I grew up in Connecticut, so I had my share of skiing in Vermont during high school.

But overall, skiing…meh. I don’t hate it, but don’t love it either!

So I’ve never brought my skis out to school in Colorado, and I’ve definitely never driven hours to the ski slopes up North.

Buuuut since my new roomies are awesome and they do this all the time (ok, everyone does), I decided to join a group for 2 nights in ski country! Good, good decision.

We had a beautiful ride up.There was chili (meat and veggie!) waiting for us at the condo upon arrival.

And lots of fresh snow the next day.

Ok, ready for this? I learned to skateboard when I got to college, but had never snowboarded before.

So I kinda took a leap of faith, borrowed a friend’s board, and hoped for the best.

Success!!!!!! I didn’t even fall when I first attempted the bunny hill.

For those familiar with Colorado skiing, we went to A-Basin the first day and Keystone the next. It was a huge ego boost for me to be shredding up the blue squares on my 2nd day!

Not saying I’m going to fork over hundreds of dollars a ski pass anytime soon, or ask my parents to ship out my skis, but I might indulge a few days to practice my new skills this season. Or just practice my apres-ski.

College kids +  ski condo = an odd combination of shenanigans and exhaustion.

(the non-skiers that day made carrot cake!)

others passed out on the floor.

And we did take a break from our heavy consumption of instant oatmeal, eggs, pasta, and alcohol to stop by a favorite bakery!

I passed up cupcakes for an all-time favorite treat of mine: a pumpkin bar! with cream cheese frosting, another all-time favorite. Yummmmmy.

We stopped by this same place on the way home, where I devoured a huge garden salad tuna salad on top 🙂

Oh, and a hemp milk steamer (with toffee nut flavor!!) for the road.

The food coma induced a nap all the way home, and when we arrived I was awake enough to hit the gym for weights. Isn’t that the best?

How’s your weekend so far? Question: Do you ski or snowboard?




Peak Treats

This is the view from outside of my on-campus apartment. What more could you ask for?

Pikes Peak was looking especially gorgeous this morning, when I dragged myself out of bed at 6:45 AM to tackle the rugby weights sesh that I skipped out on last night. I was astonished to have the weight room all to myself…until the “student supervisor” walked in while I was finishing up and I found myself face-t0-face with a random hookup from last year. Needless to say, I blushed, hurried through my stretches, and blazed outta there.

I microwaved some dark chocolate instant oatmeal (three sisters brand) that I had brought from home for breakfast, with a sliced banana and a (later) scoop of peanut butter. I can’t remember the last time I made oats in the micro! I’ll have to get better at the morning routine so I can get back to the stovetop method. However, when you’re rushed for time…

I’m so grateful that eating breakfast in a 9 AM class is not looked down upon at this school. Schlupping my bfast into a thermos is addictingly convenient, especially when I can refill it with too-strong coffee made by my professor! I was buzzing all morning.

Came home to get my snacks packed for class at the middle school:

Apple, almonds, orange

Another great day at school! I’ll fill y’all in on my class soon, I promise.

Had some bread when I got home:

Then went to the gym to hop on the treadmill and get my cardio for the day! I just wanted to walk, so I searched around and found this workout on Tina’s blog. It’s a sweaty one! I powered through it, stopping only to attack embrace a friend I hadn’t seen in months. Feeling the love was so good, I found some more friends to mull over life with for the next few hours. But eventually,a girl’s gotta eat!

With the aid of some coconut oil, I proceeded to chop and fry a whole green pepper

And took a closer look at the huge container of spinach in the fridge…

Never mind. That is definitely not fresh anymore.

Moving on, I added some cabbage mix that I found in the fridge, leftover tofu, and an egg

Voila! Lots of veggies and protein, perfect for after-gym. Plus a little bit of the apartment’s candy stash for dessert…


Here’s more of my Pikes Peak photo shoot from today:

What more could I ask for?

Question: What do you see in the distance when you step out your front door?

Dear DSLR, I love you

It’s very helpful when you’re not a photographer, but love having photos look effortlessly awesome.

(ISO, aperture, F stop, shutter speed….I once knew what these meant. I took photography my sophomore year of high school and it kicked my butt, more than any AP class.)

But for now, I’m just enjoying the auto setting:

Omelette with 1/2 cup egg beaters, handful spinach, 2 organic carrots, goat cheese

We were out of peanut butter, so my sister had to use sunflower seed butter on her PB&J. GASP!

(I think she survived.)

The rest of the fruit, however, is now in my belly.

We did some reorganizing…

(work in progress)

There were some decorations that I decided should not see another Christmas.

Except Legolas. I’ll never dump him.Finally, the standard family salad gets the photo it deserves:

Mixed greens, goat cheese, avocado, apples

And cutie pies get caught on film while watching Pineapple Express:Effortlessly awesome.

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