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Peace and Pie

Ok, so the U.S. of A just killed a major terrorist leader. Am I the only one who feels a little saddened at the jubilation of our country’s citizens over it?

Maybe it’s because I live in a small-liberal-arts-college bubble.

Ok, that’s most definitely why.

My neighbors at the Air Force Academy are having lots of fun celebrating. Amazing how we’re in the same city, but it feels like worlds away! Their celebrations have been a little tamer than other colleges, at least…

But honestly? I don’t like death. In any, any case. Not even in the name of justice. Call me a peace-loving hippie, but in my ideal world, everyone guilty of a crime would be locked away in a box somewhere,  put through some kind of living-purgatory-type-experience (I’m thinking LOST as a model), and released into existence again when they’re truly sorry for what they did.

Small liberal arts college. I did warn you.

But just because my college is full of liberal tree-huggers doesn’t mean we won’t turn this into an excuse to party on a Monday night. My school is in “8th block,” a.k.a. the last quarter of the semester. I still can’t get the glitter out of my hair from this shindig:

Good news: my red jacket is now flour-free and ready to wear again.

Tonight, however, I need to catch up on sleep, so I will leave you with my food-related hopes and dreams! Ready?

In my ideal world, everyone would realize how delicious the combo of sprouts, avocado, & hummus is, and I’d be able to let animals roam free without fear of humans eating them.

Whole-wheat tortilla with hummus, sprouts, spinach, & avocado, + carrots

In my ideal world, everyone I love would stop to partake in Sunday brunch.

Veggie skewers, spinach & egg pizza, cherry blintz, agua fresca

In my ideal world, I would have the option to go back to my pre-paid campus dining hall whenever I didn’t feel like scrounging in my fridge.

BBQ tofu, salad, green beans, white beans, agua frescaThere would be fewer last-resort sources of protein.

Tuna, broccoli, green peppers & onions

There would be more salads. Period.

Spinach, black beans, avocado, goat cheese & maple balsamic dressing

There would be lots of sprouts, because for some reason, when I eat them I feel like I’m channeling the Buddha. (where did I make that association, I wonder?)

Sprouts, carrots, broccoli & hummus

I would know the Chobani company personally, just to make sure they’re treating their dairy cows right. (Because if it wasn’t for greek yogurt, I’d easily be vegan all the time!)

Plain greek yogurt with cinnamon and....apples? Somewhere?

Plain greek yogurt with chia seeds, 1/2 a mango, & 1 clementine

I would make the whole world see that green monster smoothies are absolutely delicious.

(I might have forced this down the throats of several of my teammates one pre-rugby-game morning. No one gagged, that’s a start!)

The morning special: green monster smoothie + coffee with almond milk & cinnamon.

One of my favorite cereals of all time, combined with the more new-age almond milk.

And…my roomie would surprise me with wonderful baked goods every night! (It’s a wonder what an unexpected pie can do for a student on the verge of a breakdown!)

Homemade blueberry pie/island of crust floating in blueberry yum sauce.

And similar to bad criminals, bad weather would go into hiding, think about what it’s done to the hearts and minds of sun-loving girls like me, and only come back out for holiday festivities and the occasional ski trip.

Mountains? Uh…Marco?

More of this, please.

Little sister not necessary. Just the sunshine, please!

Thoughts on politics?

Favorite trees to hug?

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❤ Erica


Life After Death

A few days ago, my class took a field trip to a cemetery.

Somehow, I find cemeteries pleasant.

Rather than getting scared about death, I find it comforting to see that it happens. People die, and the world keeps spinning.

And wherever they are now, it’s interesting to observe how the dead choose to be remembered.

I think my class shares that opinion. If I had had my way, I would have been the first to hop into the coffin lift

alas, I was too slow.

“Bloating balls.” You don’t want to know.

I was glad to spend a morning tromping around a graveyard, because rugby weights that morning tired me out! I made sure to get my protein in on the way to class.

Plain greek yogurt, banana, chocolate protein powder and a sprinkle of coconut

Does taking that picture in the stairwell make me eccentric?

I can only imagine how interesting this person was:

Foot powder?? Hmmm.

So many mysteries to be explored….

Oh, and it didn’t hurt that it was 60 degrees and sunny 😉

After wandering in the graveyard,  I celebrated living by going about my day!

I went grocery shopping and came back with too much lots of fresh produce.

Spinach with red peppers, kidney beans, and nutritional yeast

I was fooled into thinking I had to buy 10 bell peppers to get the 10 for $10 deal. Not so! Tricky supermarkets! But these will go fast anyway 😉

I got a vaccine shot, and sported my classy Looney Toons band-aid for ballet class :

( I don’t do ballerina buns.)

I ate cereal for dinner. Very much a (lazy) living-person thing. At least it was cheerios and granola with coconut milk to mix things up!

My muscles are still wicked tired from yesterday’s rugby, so I’mma make like the dead and sleep forever. G’night!

How to be a 20-Something

I stumbled upon this cute article today.

“How to be a 20-Something”

The article itself is very entertaining, and (thankfully) far from my current reality. However, another article is referenced that casts the current state of 20-somethings as “the changing timetable for adulthood.” Here’s a nibble of it:

What Is It About 20-Somethings?

“The whole idea of milestones, of course, is something of an anachronism; it implies a lockstep march toward adulthood that is rare these days. Kids don’t shuffle along in unison on the road to maturity. They slouch toward adulthood at an uneven, highly individual pace. Some never achieve all five milestones, including those who are single or childless by choice, or unable to marry even if they wanted to because they’re gay. Others reach the milestones completely out of order, advancing professionally before committing to a monogamous relationship, having children young and marrying later, leaving school to go to work and returning to school long after becoming financially secure.

Even if some traditional milestones are never reached, one thing is clear: Getting to what we would generally call adulthood is happening later than ever. But why?

At the moment, I’m sitting in the library, halfway through tonight’s reading.

  • The class is Topics in Religion: Life After Death, and I’m the only declared religion major in there.
  • I was out the door at 6:45 AM to lift weights before class.
  • After class and before ballet, I took care of errands and finances.
  • In a few minutes, I’m heading to a friend’s house so she can make me pancakes and grill me about my time in the Middle East.
  • After that, one of my roommates is making dinner for the apartment.
  • I can’t wait to finish the rest of my reading, which examines the shift of afterlife views in Jews and Catholics during the 20th century.

According to the first article, these are the years where I should:

“Be really attractive. Your acne is gone, your face has matured without having wrinkles and everything on your body is lifted naturally. Eat bagels seven days a week, binge-drink and do drugs: you’ll still look like a babe. When you turn thirty, it’ll become a different story but that’s, like, not for a really long time.”

“Work at a coffee shop but feel hopeful about your career in advertising, writing, whatever. Remember that you’re young and that the world is your oyster. Everything is possible, you still have so much to see and hear. You went to a good school and did good things. Figure if you’re not going to be successful, who the hell is?”

“Go from eating delicious food at your parents’ house to eating Ragu tomato sauce over Barilla noodles. Develop an eating disorder to save money.”

“Date people who you know you’ll never be able to love. See someone for three months for no other reason than because it’s winter and you want to keep warm by holding another body. Date a Republican just so you can say you dated a Republican.”

“Move into an apartment on the corner of Overpriced and Dangerous. Sleep on a bare mattress with an Ikea comforter. Your mother talks to you about buying a top sheet and a duvet cover but feel like you’re not mature enough to own something called “duvet.”

Don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m going places!

Have a terrific Tuesdsay!

Question: Do you get angry when your age group is criticized/stereotyped? I totally live up to the 20-something hype once in a while, but honestly, I feel like I’m 30 already.


You know when it’s real.

Ok, that was cheesy, and I totally stole it from Wendy’s (which only ups the cheese factor. get it? haha.) But seriously, I think there comes a point in life where you have a profound sense of what you should be grateful for.

Teenage is not that age.

Since coming home for the second half of the semester, I’ve had the privilege of observing my younger, 18 year old sister, who is a senior in high school, experience what I’m sure is the most frustrating time of her life. College applications, standardized tests, gymnastics training, raging parties, friend drama, and plain old high school to top it off. She feels as if the world is against her, that I’m against her, and that whatever she puts out will not be rewarded. So why bother? It’s easier for her to just throw out phrases like, “I’m just stupid,” or a simple “Fuck this,” when she tries her best, yet still fails. And even easier to state, “I’m 18, I can do what I want.”

With that mindset, it’s difficult to find the motivation to earn respect.

For instance, tonight my mom told my sister that she needed to come home on time tonight, because she had an important day tomorrow and needed to get to sleep on time. My sister agreed. Instead of coming home around midnight,a however, she showed up at 10 PM and informed us that she was going to have a bonfire in the backyard. People were already on their way over; to late to cancel. Hehe.

Well, she only started to usher them out at 11:45 PM when I called down and told her, and then, completely missing the point of a curfew, took her friends home, leaving some of the bonfire burning. Idiot. And then she acted pissed when she had to keep bringing down buckets of water to put it out. Typical of most of our arguments over this matter, I subtly berated her about her lack of respect, and she closed it with, “Well you know what? You don’t know shit, Erica.”

That’s all she’s really got on me. I’m cool with it.

I just wish I could take her on a flight through what I’ve come to know in the 2.5 more years I have on her. We have so many things to be grateful for, not least of which includes:

  1. A mom (and dad).
  2. A house.
  3. Friends.
  4. Friends that happen to be cute boys.
  5. Wood to make a fire.
  6. Car to drive friends home.
  7. Uggs to stomp around in the dirt.
  8. Legal curfews that aren’t strictly enforced.
  9. Oblivious (or maybe hard of hearing) neighbors.
  10. Oh, I don’t know…life?

She’ll learn one day that the world is not against her. As she herself would say, shit happens. To EVERYONE. It’s part of life!

And bad mistakes? I’ve made a few.

Ok, quite a few.

And I keep making them, but I don’t care. I’m happy not to be..

a ball of teenage angst…

…or a walking zombie…

…or an uptight perfectionist.

I’m 20 years old, and I’m so grateful to be alive.

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