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Ain’t No Sunshine

I’ve been in a funk lately. Blame it on the weather.

I think spending most of the past 3 years at college in Colorado has made me dependent on sunshine, completely slave to its connotations of optimism and happiness. Regardless of the fact that my fair shoulders are still sporting sunburn lines from 2 months ago, I am itching for the impending (hopefully soon) days where I will require more SPF than the 15 included in my still-too-dark-for-me tinted moisturizer. Month of May, I’m counting on you.

Alas, hurumph. Seeing as the past week has looked like this at school…

Mountains? Hello? Are you there?

And this at my grandparent’s cabin, where I stayed for Easter:

Where is the horizon?

A few peeks of sunshine here and there, but no consistent beacons of light from the heavens. Being Easter weekend and all, I was craving warm weather like my Christian upbringing should have taught me to crave the coming of Jesus. Too far? Ok.

Thank God for the arrival of my mom and sister, who nourished me with good food!

Fancy brunch with fruit and waffles. Fruit > Waffles, at least lately.

Cafe au lait (with rice milk and a laughing sister)

Shrimp salad! Pescatarianism is nice now and then.

Chocolate covered expresso beans. What? I had a paper to write.

Sister cleavage and other in-your-face-sexy things at happy hour.

Pear-drenched Brie

Spinach-Artichoke Dip.

Mussels. You know what they say, when dining on a parent's tab...

Butternut squash burger. Surprisingly not my fave!

More shrimp. There's tilapia in there too, but I think I just have to accept that it is not the fish for me.

Oats with strawberries, cinnamon, and chia seeds!

Spinach salad, sweet potato, and some crazy blend of Mexican leftovers. Mmm.

Peach-pear-apricot smoothie from a coffee shop. I think I simply prefer green monsters!

Awesome salad for Easter brunch at a vegetarian restaurant in Denver!

Lil sis and Mom also lovin' vegetarian Easter. Who needs ham?

(The x’s on her hands add to her naive charm, no?)

Topped off with vegan carrot cake. The best carrot cake I've ever had in my life, in fact.

Obligatory Easter candy, with a random and wonderful inclusion of Burt's Bee's lotion. Thanks Aunt Julie!

 The sun did come out sometimes, and those times seemed to call for a beverage with rice milk. Funny how that happens!

Mate latte with rice milk. Mom with her unsweetened iced tea, an obsession that my sweet tooth will perhaps never understand.

Iced cafe au lait with rice milk, which the barista oddly termed a "Rolait."

What are your thoughts on…


Until last week, when this precipitation marathon commenced, it had rained all of 3 times that semester, and I had loved that. There’s only so much tea-sipping and novel-reading I can do before I get antsy.

Milk in your coffee?

I usually roll with soy, but I like to switch it up and get other alternatives when they’re offered. I still need to try hemp milk!


Sore After Slumber

I woke up this morning to incredibly sore trapezius muscles and another sore throat. The throat part was disappointing (it only happens after I sleep!) but the feeling of my tired muscles was much-missed. It made BodyFlow, the easier yoga fusion class at the gym, a more meaningful practice.

As did the lovely lunch date that was set for after class.

Ever since I got back from study abroad in Jordan, I’ve been toying (ok, seriously considering) with the idea of becoming a Registered Dietician (RD). I can’t think of a career that would make me happier; when I was abroad, it became joltingly apparent that my top priority is living a healthy, active lifestyle. Such a large part of my healthy lifestyle is nutrition. I think about food so much, it needs to be my career! So this morning I had lunch with an older lady at the gym who has been an esteemed dietician for many years.

She gave me some exclusive ADA (American Dietics Association) articles:

Olive oil, figs, dates, olives, tomatoes…am I back in Jordan again?

(What are the odds that the current issue would have Islamic cuisine as its cover story? Talk about one stage of life leading to another.)

Yoga in elementary schools? How awesome would that be?

We talked for a while about her experience on different dietetic councils, including work in hospitals, public health departments, and schools. Everything sounds fabulous! Having a career with the main goal to help people live their best lives is very important to me. The only thing standing in my way is my inexperience/lack of enthusiasm for science. Regardless, working in nutrition is definitely my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

This lady is putting me in contacts with lots of professionals around the state that will help guide me towards that goal. Until then, I’m going to concentrate on finishing my undergraduate degree in religion, minoring in education. It all fits together, I swear! 🙂

I was too busy listening and talking to order anything more than a cup of seafood chowder:

I should know better than to order chowder now, but when I heard seafood I couldn’t resist. Even though I mostly fished out the seafood and veggies, cream = unhappy digestion. And heartburn. Lesson learned?

Chill time at home was spent discovering the sport of Kabaddi, which looks a lot like rugby amongst 5 people and no ball. Apparently it’s a popular sport in India and parts of Asia, and Canadians like it too.  I’m still trying to figure it out, but I sent the link to my rugby captain suggesting that we play it sometime for fun! Watch a video and see for yourself.

Looks badass to me.

What also makes me happy? Iranian women playing rugby, hijabs and all.

And huge amounts of kale (with goat cheese & almonds) accompanied with leftover madras curry with shrimp over couscous.

Sweet potato fries round out this happy day.

Sprayed with cooking spray, some salt, and baked for 20 minutes at 400 fantastic degrees of farenheit.

I’m off to take a warm bath to soak my sore muscles.

Question: What’s your favorite sport?

The Horror!

Ask anyone: I am very inexperienced when it comes to movies.

There are so many films I know I need to see, but just haven’t gotten around to. This embarassing list includes: the Star Wars trilogy, Fight Club, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Lawrence of Arabia…and many more that I’m not even aware of.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that I had never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

One of my best friends is a theatre major at the University of Rhode Island, and they did a live show of Rocky Horror this December. Even though she was manning the lightboard, not performing on stage for this one, I’m NEVER home when she’s at school, so I was psyched to see ANY show of hers!

My research (through Youtube) tells me that I’m lucky to have seen the live show first, because I LOVED the costumes in the URI production and not so much in the movie scenes! The music was ok, but what I really loved about Rocky Horror is the outofcontrolsexy vibe. It’s crazy! It’s insanely provocative! And it’s amazing.

I prefer ripped fishnets and corsets to glittery tuxedos any day. This is URI’s cast:

I love how Rhode Island is less than an hour from my house in Connecticut, but hate that New England has been cursed with such crappy weather the last few days (month??). Rather than return to the battle with the rain on I-95, one of my other besties and I decided to get some Indian for dinner.

Per usual, I couldn’t get a good picture with the lighting.

But I had a sweet (ahem, SPICY) reunion with curry that definitely helped to clear out my sinuses. I got the madras curry with shrimp (they were blackened– exactly how I loooove them) which I mixed with rice. I was also handed some fried potato balls, but can’t remember the name. I think the name starts with K. Anyone? I also enjoyed a coconut lassi! I’ve had the mango variety before; it’s an Indian drink with a yogurt base, mixed with spices. Not too heavy or sweet, and incredibly delicious. There was even curry to take home! My stomach (and my wallet) were very happy.

Wendy had the mango curry with chicken, which turned out to be green. Was it spinach in there? We forgot to sample each other’s because we were too busy talking. We could have gone on forever, but she had exams the next day and we both had a long drive home.  Not horrible; she’ll be home this weekend anyway.

And then I arrived home to find my sister with her new (first!) boyfriend, who is polite, athletic, and witty. Now that’s the opposite of horror!

So cheers to new discoveries! I leave you with a glass of Emergen-C, and it’s half full.

(Though I have no use for most of its organizational/homecare tips yet, I love Real Simple, if only for the inspirational covers!)

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