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Feeling Foggy

Have you ever had days where your mind feels more than a smidgen awry, and you think, “Who the hell am I?”

Of course, I could be feeling foggy for many reasons. Shall I count the ways?

  • My head’s a little shaken from my rugby game this afternoon. We were missing a couple of key players, so it was rough and everyone got considerably banged up.
  • I was drunk on Friday night. Not that unusual for a college student, but I don’t drink often, and I didn’t plan for it while eating dinner (read: did not eat bread to soak up the alcohol!) so 2 shots and I was done for.
  • I pulled an all-nighter to write a paper on Thursday night. In my defense, I had dance rehearsals & performances every night that week, and I didn’t start the paper until 1 a.m. Ok, that’s a pitiful defense.
  • I’ve been listening to Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman on my iPod. Ergo, my head is spinning with dreams of my own real-life romance with a cowboy.
  • My mom and my sister are coming to visit in a week, so I need to finish my final paper for class before they arrive. Good thing analyzing Ramakrishna’s mystio-erotic spirtuality through the lens of Hindu masculinity will be an exciting paper to write!

Who the hell am I?

School-produced vegetarian goodness! That blue dot conveys how local the ingredients are; I think the blue is the closest?

The dinner that was not sufficient to withstand alcohol a couple hours later. Being a lightweight is both a gift and a curse!

Not just an egg..

An egg on top of a spinach, onion, mushroom, & chickpea salad. It was lovely.

And yes, it was really sunny that day! Hence the summery, east-coast-y dress. Topped with a J.Crew sweater, no less. You can take the girl outta Connecticut...

Pear & PB oats. I stirred in a spoonful of plain greek yogurt at the end that made them really gooey!

Golden delicious.

Orange. It tasted amazing when I was very slightly hungover.

Roasted brussels sprouts! It's been too long.

Post-rugby spinach with chickpeas, brussels sprouts, & nutritional yeast.

Despite the fog, here’s what’s making me happy at the moment:

My roomate did not pick up ORGANIC spinach like I asked, but for the first time I'm having Popeye-mascot-branded spinach!! How cute!

On that note, the apartment fridge is STOCKED. Can you spot the questionable purchases?

Not only did I roast brussels sprouts today, but I prepped my smoothie for tomorrow morning!

I enjoy creeping on my roommates playing frisbee. The mountain background is irresistably epic!

And last but not least…

I can't wait to keep listening to this on my way to school tomorrow! Yum.


Anything not-so-nice about your weekend worth ranting about?

What is your opinion on frisbee?




Maybe it’s because Colorado is experiencing some freakish weather right now.

Maybe it’s because I’m ashamed that I haven’t learned to rock climb yet.

Maybe it’s because I climbed the mountain in this video too long ago (not even 2 years!) and that was without being on the constant verge of a 1000 ft vertical drop.

For whatever reason, I’m obsessed with this gem of a clip about a female rock climber named Steph Davis. I think I’ve played it at least 10 times now:

Watch it. You’ll get dizzy, but it’ll be great. Trust me.

The Youtube channel it’s on is chock full of amazing feats of outdoor adventurers. I think it was just what I needed for a little kick in the butt to start the week!

On this manic Monday, I started with the (really) lazy girl’s version of overnight oats: about-an-hour oats πŸ™‚

1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/3 cup soy milk, cinnamon, apples

Meaning that I mixed these together, walked to my hour of student teaching at the high school, and then devoured them on the way back to campus. Not too shabby!

But as I arrived on campus, my mind (body? same thing) realized how early I had gotten up, and wanted caffeine.

I’ll say one thing: coffee is a powerful, powerful force.

Looks gigantic, but it just fits a "tall" size.

I stayed awake through class, but my heart would.not.stop.thumping afterwards. Can’t complain, though; I wasn’t really hungry, so I got ahead on some of the night’s reading and ended up munching a red bell pepper for lunch:

Strangely enough, it was enough!

Know what else is a powerful thing? Planning ahead. I knew I’d be starving after ballet and gym, so I pressed and marinated a block of tofu in balsamic vinegar & garlic powder before I left, popped the pieces in a 375 degree oven when I got home at 5:15, and took them out in time for 6:00 dance rehearsal in the form of a beautiful, fulfilling salad.

Complete with nutritional yeast, sauteed onions, and spinach.

Mmmm, portable goodness.

Now my reading’s all done, and it’s not even 9 pm yet. I could get used to this πŸ˜‰

It’s no free-soloing the Diamond face of Longs Peak, but it’s been a day of achievement.

What are you proud of doing today?

If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere

That title is referring to vegetarian dining in Oklahoma.

With carnivorous rugby players πŸ™‚

Even though our coach excitedly informed me that there was “one of my kind” on the men’s team, I had already acknowledged that the meal dining-out situation could get hairy. But I am proud to say…I am one skilled menu-reader/order-changer/waiter-questioner. I survived!

The 11 hour car ride from Colorado to Oklahoma was nutritious enough:

Whole wheat bread w/ peanut butter, frozen strawberries

And then we stopped by a Waffle House by our hotel for dinner.

I know.

Usually I looooove an excuse to have breakfast for dinner, but I’ve had Waffle House waffles once before, and I feel sorry for truckers that think they’re the best. Not to be sassy…but there is a bigger, better world of waffles out there.

So what did I do?

May I introduce the “large dinner salad?” Better than nothing.

And two eggs over easy, for protein.

If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere. Yes?

Things went up from there! The next dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse, I scoured the menu and ordered,

“the side spinach salad, the seasonal veggies, and a baked sweet potato, please.”

I made sure to be extra nice to the waitress, which wasn’t too hard when you’re dining with male rugby players πŸ™‚ No pictures, though, because they don’t know me that well yet and didn’t want to freak them out.

And I had half of the sweet potato for breakfast the next day, with a smear of peanut butter on top! Yummy.

(I just wrote “swear” instead of “smear”. Merely typing “rugby” affects me like that…)

I also got a soy latte or two while getting my coach’s (mandatory) coffees in the morning.

(Her order is a Venti Toffee Nut Latte with Half & Half. I am glad to be a girl who enjoys the simpler things in life!)

Since we girl ruggers didn’t have games to play, our nights were spent terrorizing Norman, Oklahoma, including its late night munchie scene. My belly was often still full from the night before once the morning came, so I basically became a fruititarian (?) by day…

Along with these amazing gummy calcium supplements we shared πŸ™‚ Too cute to pass up!

But the moment of truth was the dinner at…

“Ron’s Burger & Chili Joint.”

Oh dear oh dear. Was I up to it??

Mission accomplished!

Dinner salad (I picked off the horrendous amount of unmentioned bacon & cheese and requested extra black beans) and a grilled cheese, which I didn’t finish because it wasn’t too great. I did polish off some root beer floats, too!

Next time in Oklahoma (let’s hope that never happens), I wanna see what THIS is all about:

Yes, steakhouse sushi. Apparently it’s quite popular, and pricey!

Maybe my teammates and I can steal another pitcher of beer from a downtown bar.

(We never drank it, but kept it as a trophy in the fridge)

Oh, and I’m so done with burger joints.

(That’s fried zucchini and a german chocolate chiller. I’ve had better!)

Thankfully, there are worse ways to spend your spring break than being team moms for the men’s rugby team.

And there are worse ways to spend rainy days than watching the beautiful sport of rugby.

If I can make it in Oklahoma, I can make it anywhere.

But for now, I’m happy to be back in the state of Colorado, where flannel is acceptable evening wear, recycling is your code of living, and vegetarianism is far from a foreign word.

What’s the wackiest state you’ve ever been to? And what’s the weirdest thing you did there?

My Oklahoma highlight was dressing up the only not-21 girl with us to resemble a guy from the men’s team so she could use his ID. It worked, and we went to a strip club. What up, Oklahoma!


She was shakin’ (oh oh oh oh oh)
Snappin’ her fingers (oh oh oh oh oh)
She was movin’ round and round
That girl was shakin’

Eddie Money, anyone? I love the 80s; I wish I could have been there πŸ˜‰

No, but really, this afternoon I was shaking. Why, you ask?


A tall latte with soy milk.

Let me explain! I used to get soy lattes at the school coffee shop all the time. They’re so delicious and nutritious (yes? i think so). But since I’m on a commuter meal plan this semester and most of my food I prepare at home, I haven’t been around campus much to indulge in coffee. Nor have I really needed it! That’s a good sign, right?

Well, after a quick elliptical workout this morning, I was really craving a soy latte! I noshed on a ginormous (it’s a real word, go with it) apple while getting ready for school:

Did you know that apples are more effective in waking you up than caffeine? For real, look it up!

And then sipped on my latte before class.

Other than being a little hungrier than usual for lunch, it meshed with me very, very nicely. I didn’t even feel the caffeine; just soymilk + coffee goodness! I attended a lunch held by the political science department where I had ordered (teehee…so spoiled) a huge salad from the nearby (amazing) deli, Wooglin’s.

spinach, mushrooms, cucumbers, avocado, onions, 1 hard boiled egg, croutons (I only spared the sliced bread)

Then, after my Arabic adjunct had ended around 4 PM, I started…shaking. Regardless of the fact that I had just watched a 2-hour Arabic movie (“State of Love.” it was great!), my heart would not stop racing!

I’m not sure when the last time I had coffee was, but it’s definitely been at least a month, perhaps even 2?? It’s amazing what caffeine withdrawal can do!

One of coping methods is making to-do lists. I might never look at this list again, but hey, A for effort!

Thank goodness I had rugby practice at night to solve THAT problem πŸ™‚

I usually don’t make “cute food” to put on the blog, but since I was using grapes…I just couldn’t resist.


Practice was hard and good. Good and hard, whatever you prefer.

(There were a lot of dirty jokes over dinner, can you tell? πŸ™‚ )

I simply HAD to get school food tonight, because it was SUSHI TUESDAY!

My roll had carrot, cucumber, asparagus, red pepper, and tofu.

Yummm. I still haven’t mastered theΒ eat-each-piece-in-one-bite-to-avoid-looking-like-a-gross-slob technique, but so long as it all winds up in my belly, I’m a happy sushi-eater πŸ™‚

My other rugby teammates compensate by making artwork out of soy sauce.

Have a fantastic Wednesday, errybody!

What do YOU like in YOUR sushi? Or what’s the craziest kind you’ve had?

(Apparently I’m all about the caps tonight. I still blame the caffeine.)

I usually get some variation on the avocado roll (with tofu if they have it), but since I had already had some avocado in my salad today, I opted for more veggies instead. I’m trying to focus on variety!

Gotta Move

Since I’m returning to school in Colorado on Friday (!), I spent today flying around like a crazy person. But it was a blissful day; I was doing exactly what I wanted!

  • CoreYoga
  • Food
  • Road trip
  • Friend
  • Coffee
  • Gym
  • Trashy TV

I’m still under 21, so I’m still allowed to watch ABC Family sitcoms without shame. Right?

I’ll defend myself later.

Last night, I made a dinner that did not pass the little sister test.

Eggplant “lasagna” with tomato sauce & parmesan cheese, mixed greens with carrots

I love this eggplant recipe from the Fitnessista; it’s really easy!

We made some tomato sauce

Coated thinly sliced eggplant in a mix of olive oil, garlic and herbs (those are pretty flexible)

and roast at 375 F for 15 minutes on one side, 10 on the other.

Add a salad.Yay vegetables! What wondrous plants. Too bad the sister hates them, and this meal was scowled at. More for me!! πŸ™‚

The morning came soon enough, as did another tough CoreYoga class.

I came home needing nourishment right away!

Kashi Go Lean Crunch (Honey Flax) + Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, 1/2 banana, blueberries, cinnamon, soymilkI don’t really do “simple” when it comes to cereal. I’m ok with that.

After a 45-minute road trip into the nearest city (New Haven), I was so in need of coffee. However, I ended up choosing a tall chai tea latte with soy milk.

And a good friend to share it with! We hadn’t seen each other in a year, so we had a lot to catch up on.

We discussed the Middle East, homosexuality, veganism, New Orleans, and earrings.

You know, the usual.

After she had to leave, I wandered into a cafe that made me feel instantly better about my diet choices…

The full name is Claire’s Corner Copia: “Vegetarian, organic and sustainable, and Kosher Restaurant….”

I wasn’t hungry, but that didn’t stop me from gawking at the bakery section for a minute.


It was a long trip to make for conversation and gawking, but so worth it. I love New Haven.

I hate cities, but I love this one because it’s got Yale.

And Yale’s gothic architecture is gorgeous.

As is the green…I was once again charmed but this little city, then crushed again.

Oh, fuck.

At least the ticket was just $20 and not $50 like all of Colorado’s are!

And I’m supporting the town of New Haven, right? Good karma…sort of?

After rugby weights #1 and a BodyCombat class at the gym, I picked up dinner at the health food store. A special treat!

$2.49?! Bless you, FoodWorks.

It was even more delicious consumed at a friend’s house watching the season premieres of Pretty Little Liars and Greek.

And with that, it’s time to get ready for another day. Gotta move!

How do you feel about cities? Do they jazz you up or get you down? Cities really bum me out; I like to be surrounded by nature. But if the architecture takes me back to another time, the city grows on me.


Has anyone ever watched Stick It?

It’s produced by the same writer who did Bring It On, which should give you an idea of its quality.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the only gymnastics movies out there, so my sister owns it.

Among its many snarky one-liners, we like to recite the one that goes, “It’s not called gymnicestics!

Nasty as it may be on your body, it’s nice just to gaze in awe of that kind of grace.

That flexibility.

Those thighs.

That fearlessness.

And those little imperfections that remind me my sister is, indeed, human.

That balance is a pretty awesome thing to watch.

But life isn’t a spectator sport, so within a few hours we were onto the next order of business!

I brought my breakfast to the gym:

1/3 cup rolled oats, pomegranate arils, almonds, instant coffee powder

I wish this coffee had worked, but I’m almost certain the box is circa 1990. Anywho, the flavor was perky!

Lunch was had at home:

Rainbow chard, sauteed with chickpeas and spiced with garam masala. Topped with leftover winter squash puree!

And then we went to the mall.

After a few hours, we were all, might I say, cranky.as.fuck.

I turned to a grande pumpkin spice latte with soy milk for salvation:

With a handful of almonds in the car ride back, I was content again and ready to attend the Zumba launch at my gym!

Verdict? I loved it. I like it more than BodyJam classes, because I prefer latin music and hip shaking than jazz with footwork. I’m sad that I’ll only be able to take advantage of it for a few days before I leave for Colorado!

Good thing my friends don’t shun me when I show up to their house a sweaty mess:I just don’t get a Snuggy.

And then my sister bakes molasses muffins.

Are you sure it’s not called gymnicestics?



Vegan (Pumpkin) French Toast

French toast isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

When I was little, my mom loved making it for me and my sister. Why? Because she could coat the bread with the egg, giving us some much-needed protein in our picky diets. I remember a lot of force-fed spoons of peanut butter, too.

Eggs aren’t my favorite things in the world, either. Veganizing, however, is easy! It just takes some additions of mushy fruit (banana or pumpkin works best) and flax.

Banana or pumpkin, pumpkin or banana….who am I kidding? It’s December. Pumpkin it is!

Vegan Pumpkin French Toast.

Mix together:

  • 1/4 cup pumpkin (you could even get away with less)
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed meal ( I use Bob’s Red Mill)
  • Splash of soy/almond/other non-dairy milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • a few shakes of pumpkin pie spice

Take 2 pieces of bread (I’ve never been into stale; I use whole wheat) and dip them into the mixture. Place them on a nonstick frying pan and flip when toasty. Remove and top with your garnish of choice!

I love any excuse to burn slightly sear banana:

I also love plain greek yogurt as a garnish and a drizzle of honey to top it off.

Don’t even think about getting into the “Is honey vegan?” debate right now.

Just eat your french toast. You need the protein nutrients.

Question: What’s one food you didn’t like when you were a kid?


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