Orange You Glad? Because there are no bananas.

Since the other (lovely) people I live with (and share groceries with) do not share my constant longing for my favorite fruit, it’s been, like….a day. Or two. Since I’ve had a banana. Just to clarify.

Moving on!

Since the semester has started, I’ve been really good at sticking to morning workouts. Some of my roommates are more like this in the early hours:

(He refuses to get over his jetlag)

But I’ve been hitting the weight room by 7 AM each morning and loving it! I walk 5 minutes to the gym inappropriate yet inspiring tunes (ahem, Enrique), crank out either rugby weights or cardio, and then I’m ready to shower and get on with my day. It always feels great! This morning, I was perusing a US Weekly mag (if I say “perusing” does it sound more forgiveable?) and inspiration struck me, in the form of an orange juice ad. Chocolate orange oatmeal, mayhaps?

No oranges, but we had clementines.

And I unearthed my chocolate protein powder from the depths of storage yesterday!

Into the pot y’all go!

1/3 cup oats, 2 clementines, protein powder

+ coconut!


Like a chocolate orange, in breakfast form πŸ™‚

And with that, I left for class ready for the day and rockin’ some cool, custom-designed kicks:

Orange you glad? I am.


Have wonderful Wednesdays!

Question: Do you have love for clementines? I find that most seem to love them, but I’m not a fan! I’d prefer a banana anyday πŸ™‚


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