Flats on Ice

Hello hello everybody!

Wonderful Wednesdays all around?? Glad to hear it! Haha. I feel like Wednesday is the neutral day of the week. Yes, it’s technically in the middle, but I think Thursday is the breaking point and Wednesday’s the “Well, whatever” day. Thoughts?

I raised myself out of bed for rugby weights this morning; I’m finally back on track, and my weights (the ones I lift) are increasing as well! That’s awesome to feel. I was SO. HUNGRY. by the time I got home and showered, though! My appetite was vicious. I chose protein.

Plain greek yogurt, banana, coconut, cinnamon, & peanut butter…to-go for class!

Colorado is sunny but frigid…


And yet, I chose to wear flats. It seems like I nearly slip in whatever kind of shoes I’m wearing, so why fight the feeling? I wanna wear my ballet flats!!

Lunch was a clean-out-the-fridge day! I have SO much spaghetti squash leftย  over.


Spaghetti squash over mixed greens with tempeh & nutritional yeast

(I’m actually glad the tempeh’s gone; my roomie bought the “spicy” kind and it was too intense for me!)

And guess what dinner was? Don’t hate me…

Yup, the same! Hey, it really needs to be eaten up. At least it was in a different color bowl! This time, no tempeh, but canned tomatoes (ew?) and more nooch.

Prunes too! Do y’all like prunes? Not the nasty, stewed kind; I tried those this summer and I can see why many are scarred against this delicious fruit. Just buy them like raisins!

A black abyss of yummyness.

I have a confession. I’ve missed Zumba (any dance class, really) so much that I creeped online to look up classes in the area.

A 15 minute drive and I found myself here:

Yes, as a recently-turned-21-year-old, I wound up in a hokey bar to take a Zumba class. Dork alert!

The class was pretty easy, and there weren’t enough latin tunes as I would have liked, but I still really enjoyed it! Some booty-shakin’ was just what I needed. I definitely want to be a Zumba instructor one day! I nearly sprained an ankle slipping on ice (in sneakers, mind you) on my way out, but it was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve almost finished my reading for tonight (the early rabbis! wooo!), but I’m being distracted by my teenage sister’s college woes and my at-home boy-toy’s promises to visit me over spring break. There are worse fates!

Almost to Thursday! My favorite day of the week.

Question: Have you ever slipped on ice and totally wiped out? Did anyone see? I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t consider anything I do embarrassing, which is handy when my clumsiness gets the best of me!


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