Warm Up

Yesterday: -5 degrees

Today: -1 degrees

Tomorrow: 15 degrees. Woooooah!

Obviously, the process of getting to and from class without freezing solid, let alone doing my work, has delayed my actions in the blogworld lately! I’ve been disciplining myself with 7 am rugby weights in the gym and hours of reading on life after death, but the blog post consistency has suffered. No worries, I’m back! Here’s a glimpse into what the past few days have entailed.


YIAJ: Yogurt in jar! Of peanut butter, that is. Plain greek yogurt with banana, cinnamon and peanut butter.

The same!

Green monster smoothie with spinach, avocado, chocolate protein powder, greek yogurt, coconut milk, & cinnamon.

Plain greek yogurt, 2 clementines, cinnamon, & granola

Green monster smoothie with spinach, avocado, chocolate protein powder & coconut milk

Fashion break!

(that’s the “bring it, impending cold front” face)

Cristin, I’ve rocked the peacock earrings twice this week!

sweaters + sweater dresses = winter survival


(caution: they’re all the same dang thing! gotta use up the produce)

Variations on a theme: spinach with red bell pepper, with nutritional yeast and tempeh. It’s too easy NOT to make everyday.

Apartment shenanigans break!Bro love on the broken futon.

Those are my scarves.Oh…and that’s a large knife…


Malibu Veggie pizza from Old Chicago (mmm!)

Grilled cheeses (on whole wheat bread) and tomato soup

Homemade bread with flaxseed

School-made garden salad with organic caesar dressing

So as you see, life in the cold could be worse. We’ve even got sunshine!

But still lots of snow.

That’s Colorado for ya!

I’m dreaming of another green monster for tomorrow:

And yet another smile over the fact that I’ve been eating Greek Gods greek yogurt and studying greek gods and the afterlife at the same time!


Question: Have you been affected by a crazy weather front lately? My family’s been going crazy on the East Coast, but we just got hit out west too! I can’t wait for the return of the 50s on Friday!


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